Kadet Krazies: Is It a Thing of the Past?

Why has Kadet Krazies becoming a dying trend and what can students of Air Academy High School do to fix that?


Students celebrate at a white-out-themed football game by throwing corn starch after scoring a touchdown. (Photo by Minta Williams).

Kadet Krazies: Is It a Thing of the Past?

School spirit is strong among the students of Air Academy High School. Activities like football games, class themes, and spirit days are often participated in by a lot of students! However, many of students are unaware that AAHS actually has a club called Kadet Krazies that is dedicated to encouraging school spirit among its members. With that, what is Kadet Krazies anyway?

“Kadet Krazies is basically a club where we go around to all the sporting events and support each other. We try to get more attention to sports other than football since that’s a big one that already gets a lot of attention,” senior Emma Martin replied when asked what Kadet Krazies is. 

Martin notes that one of the reasons she appreciates being a part of Kadet Krazies is that it allows her to visit with and support all the friends she has grown up with over the years. The AAHS community may be strengthened and people can interact through Kadet Krazies.

Kadet Krazies, however, is gradually disappearing from the AAHS community. But why? Students should want to join this group if they enjoy displaying their school spirit, right? What caused this to happen?

“When I was a freshman, Kadet Krazies was really popular. But after COVID it started to die off during my junior and senior year. #bringbackkadetkrazies,” 2022 AAHS alumni, Emily Bloomfield, replied.

Could the COVID-19 limitations on sporting events be to blame for this? After all, it was difficult during the pandemic to even be able to attend athletic events. In order to attend, parents and students had to complete a health form and sign up ahead of time. The small number of people admitted may very likely be the cause of Kadet Krazies’ decline. However, there is still hope for Kadet Krazies and there are still people wanting to join! 

“I’ve heard of Kadet Krazies, and I love it! I’ve heard a lot about it from friends. I want to fix up my schedule so I can join. Right now I’m just really busy. But I would do anything to support my school,” sophomore Fletcher Childress explained. 

For seniors, unfortunately, it may be too late to join, but freshmen, sophomores, and juniors still have so many opportunities to go and support their peers. However, if AAHS wants to keep Kadet Krazies up and running, some extra steps would be a big help! 

“Kadet Krazies doesn’t seem to be a super popular trend. I just haven’t seen a whole lot of the club at games….I would maybe consider joining, but with football it is hard. But I think the idea of kids coming to games and screaming and cheering is great,” freshman Kodi Jiang vocalized.

Needless to say, many students seem to be up to the idea of joining the club! The concept of Kadet Krazies and students cheering each other on at games really showcases AAHS’s character and image. Regardless if students participate in Kadet Krazies, all students have the opportunity to show up and support their fellow classmates and cheer Sko Det’s!