Virtual Learning, The New Age of Learning

This article talks about online learning and how it’s changed education, as well as how it benefits students.


Lily Hernandez gets signed up for her online courses over the summer.

Over the last two years, the world has adapted to a new virtual environment in order to stay productive during a pandemic. Schools especially relied on virtual learning to educate students. Although the pandemic is now over and most schools are back to normal, the option of online learning is still available to students. Some students may dislike the idea of doing online learning; however, for other students, it can be a useful tool in achieving their desired education. 

During the pandemic, many students liked online learning for how accessible it was. Since classes were online, students did not have to drive to school and could sleep in. This gave students some freedom in what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it. Some might say that students having that accessibility and freedom leads to being less productive in their schooling, but for others having those options actually made them more productive. 

“Everyone talks about how they hated online school but honestly I liked it and I did really well online,” sophomore Braden Amoruso stated. 

If taking online classes during the school year is something that a student does not want to do, then taking courses online over the summer is also an option. Although many students dislike the idea of continuing their education into the summer, online courses make it so a student can get the credits they need without even going into school. 

“I’m taking some online courses over the summer, not because I have to but just because I can do it online so it’s super easy to get ahead on my credits,” sophomore Kellen Greco commented.

Another benefit from taking online courses is how accessible content and coursework is to students. Since all the work is done on a computer or device, any student at any time can access what they need to access without having to wait for a physical copy from their instructor. This allows students to move at their own pace and view or review the content as needed.

On top of allowing students to move at their own pace, virtual learning allows for students to customize their own learning environment. Regardless of where a student is, they can access their online classes as long as they have access to a device. Many students may struggle focusing in crowded places or loud areas, so having the option to take virtual courses anywhere is a huge advantage.

“Being online was really nice because I could do what I had to do basically anywhere, and if there wasn’t any extra work that had to be done in class I just got time to do whatever else I needed to do,” sophomore Jeremiah Day claimed.

As time goes on, the world continues to adapt and accept the idea of virtually teaching students. Although it might not be for everyone, the opportunity is there for any student that wishes to take advantage of it. Online learning is a good option for students that wish to continue their education without even having to leave their house.