Driving Guide From One Student To Another

AAHS Driver Saftey

AAHS student, Evan Lawrentz with his new car.

Driving is an enjoyable and scary part of youth life. There are many pros and cons of teen driving. Knowing this, a guide to this particular activity is much needed.

The highest teen death cause is driving over the speed limit. The idea of a limit to how fast you can drive is seen as a recommendation to high schoolers. Driving too fast almost anywhere could be a call to injury or possibly death. Speeding causes many issues not to just yourself but other drivers in the proximity.

“I only have one speeding ticket and I learned my lesson through this ticket. I was going 36 mph over the limit and my ticket required me to go to court. The judge’s choice of words when speaking to me impacted how I felt about speeding. I now see speeding as a risky and irresponsible way to drive,” sophomore Carter Booth commented.

Colorado weather year-round can be a roller coaster. Snow and rain are harsh conditions to drive in and decrease driver safety. Hydroplaning, slipping, and sliding are common mistakes every driver makes in poor driving conditions. Having the proper tires on your car is very important for safety reasons. All-season tires are recommended year-round in Colorado but snow tires generally are a better way to go with such inconsistent weather.

Studies have shown that more than 1/3 of the yearly driver deaths come from teens. That high of a number should impact how students drive. Modern-day driving is not the same as it used to be when our parents were driving. It is not only speeding and weather that causes car accidents, but also simply distractions.

Other passengers, phones, and intriguing views (car accidents, nature) are also a portion of motor vehicle accidents. A law that is rarely enforced in Colorado is that no passengers are allowed in a teen’s vehicle until six months of having your license. Laws are implemented for a reason. This keeps the driver and other possible passengers out of safety troubles.

Using a phone while driving is another law that is not commonly enforced but it is another important law to follow. The majority of teenagers are addicted to cellphones, leading to us while driving.

“I drive around with my friends all the time and I can see why there is a restriction on the passenger limit. I also use my phone while driving and there have been some close calls. I don’t worry about driving with other people and not using my phone because I am more experienced, but I think it is a safe rule,” sophomore Robby Hernandez described.

Driving out and about there are many types of drivers, slow, fast, and normal. Slow drivers often tend to be safe drivers but struggle with using signals and other experienced maneuvers. Fast drivers are generally well-established driver that follows the rules of the road efficiently. Normal drivers tend to drive like they are taking their driver’s test again, always watching their surroundings and highly prioritizing safety.

“Fast drivers are definitely the best drivers, they do everything with skill and are fluent. Having the best track record in driving doesn’t mean you are the best driver it just means you are safe. I drive with somewhere to be, I don’t drive for leisure activities,” junior Dominic Rice shared.

Knowing that driving is a dangerous but very popular event, safe driving is important for primary safety reasons.