Students Working For District 20

This article talks about the jobs offered through district 20, how to apply, and why a student would want to work for district 20.


Mrs. Bornhofen works alongside her own students, Haydn Bell and Dane Swingley to solve a problem.

As the summer approaches and the school year comes to an end, more students begin thinking about getting a summer job. For some students, finding a job that not only suits their schedule, but is also enjoyable can be difficult. Fortunately, District 20 offers a wide variety of part-time and full-time jobs throughout the entire district that are available to students. 

To apply for these jobs, all students need to do is go to the Air Academy High School website, click the careers category, and then view the jobs that are available. From there, any student or adult can view and apply to the jobs listed. However, not every job is available to students, and if a student wishes to apply, they should first see if there are any requirements beforehand. 

“It’s super simple to apply and hours are never that hard, so it’s a pretty good little summer job to have,” sophomore Chase Lainez stated.

Getting employed through the district is not only easy and accessible, but also allows for a student to stay involved with school while making some money. Oftentimes, getting a first time job with little to no prior experience can be challenging. Working for the school not only makes getting the job easier for students, but also gives them experience for future jobs as well as something to put on their resume. 

“I’ve applied to a couple jobs through like Indeed and things like that, but my resume has nothing on it so it’s been tough, but I didn’t even know you could apply through the district so I might check that out,” sophomore Kellen Greco stated.  

District 20 offers over 250 licensed and classified positions, which includes teachers, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, custodians, secretaries,  crossing guards and more. Obviously not all of these jobs are available to students, however, there are plenty of options for students as well as adults to choose from. Applicants can meet with representatives from schools all over District 20 and discuss open job opportunities.

“I did at one point check out the jobs that you could apply for on the school website, and I never realized how many open jobs there actually were,” sophomore Owen Bailey stated.

Not only are these jobs accessible and open to students, but they are also flexible with a students schedule. An applicant can apply at any time throughout the school year or during the summer, given that there are job positions that need to be filled. How long an applicant has to work may vary depending on whether it’s a part time or full time job, and what type of job it is.

“I worked part time through District 20 last summer and the hours weren’t bad at all, and if I ever couldn’t make it in they always had someone to cover,” sophomore Chase Lainez commented.

Trying to find a job as a student can sometimes be difficult. Taking advantage of what District 20 offers to not only adults, but also students, is a great way to get a foothold in the working world while making some money in the process.