The After Play of “Chicago!”


Students playing in the Chicago Play and having a blast! (Maddelynn Roster)

The play, “Chicago”, was performed for all of Air Acadamy to see last week. AAHS has been known for many outstanding plays and musicals, and this one ranks amongst the top. The Chicago play is about a mysterious murder that happened and the main character is trying to cover it up.

After speaking with several performers, they all shared everyone or almost everyone had so much fun in the play and can’t wait to do it next year. The play itself had many good qualities, dancing scenes, singing, and instances of humor.

I love performing and theatre productions are a great outlet to do so. I love having an audience and the theatre community is fun, ” junior Liv Carr exclaimed with maybe a little tear in her eyes now that the play is over!

The play “Chicago” was a wonderful but dark creation about a woman committing murder and trying to cover it up. After all the play has been taken place on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of March where everyone was amazed about how good the play was. The amazement emerged from the plot twists and adventures that were taking place, therefore causing the play to be a booming hit!

It builds a sense of community [taking part in plays] and you can use them as an opportunity for creative processing,” sophomore Nathan Rytting stated.

Theatre is a great way to relax and step out of reality for a while. Some stated that theatre helps them make wonderful new friends and overall just hang out with the people that are similar to them.

AAHS also has a great audience and everyone loves to watch their play after the producers have put so much effort into their work. Students have put time and effort into this play and it sure has paid off! The final product was great and everyone was astonished at how well the students played the part.

My favorite part about learning the play is the blocking and choreography scenes because it is so cool to see the play come together and see everyone be coherent,” sophmore Nathen Rytting exclaimed to the crowd.

Most people enjoyed the choreographed scenes and students loved to dance to the music while also doing a play. Others might also have enjoyed certain lines or other things about the play, but both Carr and Rytting exclaimed that they enjoyed the choreography.

“My favorite part in Chicago would have to be either cell block tango or hot honey rag because they are heavier dancing numbers and overall very fun to be a part of!,” Carr exclaimed.

There are so many great things that students enjoyed in doing and participating in the play. Mrs. Klostermann, the teacher that made the play happen, has had so much fun producing it and making the play high school-friendly and age-appropriate.

I love starting with nothing and ending when everything all comes together with the lights and the sound the choreography and costumes and I was a part of creating something new and cool,”  AAHS English teacher, Katie Klostermann, exclaimed.

Klostermann absolutely loved producing the play! There are so many other plays that will be so fun to be a part of and discuss. This was just one of many plays that AAHS has provided.