An Uncertain Future, the Conflict in Ukraine, and possible conflict in Taiwan


Russian Invasion of Ukraine, sourced by Wikimedia commons

As most everyone knows Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday the 24th of February and China on that same day violated Taiwanese (official name Republic of China or ROC) airspace sending planes to the island. This Chinese Communist Party(CCP) has been pushing for the reunification of the two states under CCP rule.

With the current heating of global tensions and no sign of de-escalation, it makes me wonder, what is around the edge? The attitude of the Biden Administration seems to be deadset on condemning Russia, as well as the current treaties in place to protect the ROC from the CCP, so it makes me wonder, what would be the spark to light the powder keg, and how will this affect the surrounding area of Colorado Springs?

Well as to the spark of the powder keg so to speak, I cannot say for sure, and quite frankly it’s not that important since it’s not the first shot that really matters in a war. With that said, so why should it matter if it’s Ukraine or the ROC that starts a war and involves us?

Even without us being involved directly, this conflict has been affecting us. In terms of this, at Fort Carson the soldiers there were put on Ready Reaction Force (RRF) during the first month of the invasion.

This is an event that will change the community of Colorado Springs significantly, after all, we have Peterson, Carson, and the Air Force Academy right outside, and a large military community nearby. The 4th Infantry Division, which is the division stationed at Fort Carson will be deploying to Europe in the coming weeks.

While this is a normal exercise to have to happen, and most likely is just training with our Allies in Europe like Poland, other students at Air Academy High School and around the world beg to differ. According to Molly Cochran, a senior who goes to school at Vilseck, a Military base in southern Germany, she has some surprising insight into the matter.

“There’s been a lot of soldiers here, I’ve almost been run over quite a few times trying to cross the road because of the Military trucks,” Cochran stated.

The military is not the only part involved in this is. I mean I bet you’ve seen the gas prices and inflation rising, while not entirely caused by the sanctioning of Russia, it’s ignorant to say that it is not a by-product of this conflict.

“I don’t think NATO will do anything to aid Ukraine unless they’re ordered to by the U.N.,” said senior Tyler Garduno

As for the ROC “The NATO won’t do anything about the Taiwan situation with china, the US might send troops there along with japan but other than that they won’t do anything,” said Garduno

“I don’t think that NATO will get involved unless another country gets invaded, that’s in NATO,” responded senior Joesph Bradford.

“I think it’s a possibility, that NATO helps Taiwan, but I’m not sure only time can tell,” senior Ethan Miller stated.

But the foreign countries aren’t the only ones feeling the impact of this, I mean look at the gas prices, and inflation

“I’m not entirely sure how much they’ve gone up, but I’ve noticed its the biggest increase in my memory,” said senior Marley Bailey

This war shows us that even if it seems like it doesn’t affect us there are ripples that can be felt all through the world.