Interquest Whataburger Opening Day

The front side of the newly opened Whataburger.

The front side of the newly opened Whataburger.

What is one of the most popular industries that everyone uses almost every day? Well of course it’s the food industry. However, the most popular of all of the options is fast food due to the prices and easy accessibility with it not requiring any cooking from the customer.


There are many different companies to choose from, with hundreds of different choices of food from various ethnicities and general styles of production. Companies like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s almost dominate the industry for burgers while minor companies like Freddy’s, Sonic, Culvers, and In-N- Out Burger are more well known for being lower-ranking restaurants.


One of these minor companies is Whataburger, a burger joint based out of San Antonio, Texas, and recently has expanded outward and has a store being finished on Interquest Parkway. The upbringing of this new fast food establishment definitely did not disappoint


“The line took around 4 hours and it required a lot of patience and sacrifice however it was absolutely worth it for the quality of food I was served,” said junior Aiden Trippel.


Supposedly the line for the food wrapped almost around the entire building, taking anywhere from 4-6 hours in the afternoon and around 30 minutes if you arrive there in the early hours of the morning. If there are any students preparing to make the daring and dangerous venture into the line, it is important to be advised that it will require many hours of the day dedicated to the line for the Texan Delicacy.


“Though it was a long wait it was worth it to taste the burgers and fries again. To be able and eat something from my childhood was something both bitter sweet and elegant. Though it was slow, as time goes on it will become smaller and the workers will improve,” junior Dallas Jones noted.


As time goes on it seems that the newly found restaurant will be gaining more popularity and generating more and more sales as people all over Colorado come to visit the Texas-based company. Though some days may show lesser popularity, anyone can bet that it’s just a matter of minutes till the rest of the crowd flocks to the decreased line simply to eat even a simple burger from this seemingly amazing restaurant.


“Though I haven’t personally been to the restaurant myself, I am certainly intrigued. Growing up in Hawaii I never got to try such things, so If the time comes, I would love to try it one of these days,”  senior Ian Mcspaden stated.


Although this may be just a simple fad with mediocre food from Texas, it’s safe to say that as time goes on, a rivalry would surely bloom as this establishment opened merely a mile away from the also majorly popular In-N-Out Burger, the California based burger joint that had similar results to the opening of the rival joint. There’s nothing to do but simply stand on the sidelines and watch as the time progresses and view what happens.