Soccer’s Kickin’ With a Start!


Senior Jocelyn Ollivierre runs for the goal in a game against Sand Creek High School

Soccer is a great way to distract you from real life or other things you would like to be distracted about. Although this hand-free sport can be fun, it can also be very time-consuming.

“Soccer can be very intense sometimes but it’s also really fun,” freshman Emma Fisher claimed.

As Fisher exclaimed, the sport is a fun way to get things off your mind. Soccer is also a way to make new friends in a non-toxic environment. Socializing is a big part of people’s lives, and people need it to really survive, so it is good that there is another way to socialize, with soccer.

Soccer is a great way to socialize because students are doing things they like to do, and making friends that like the same thing at the same time.

I like it because it’s almost like an outlet,” Fisher declared.

The environment around soccer is an inviting one, where few find issues with teammates and coaches. Of course, there are times when it may be difficult, but the environment tends to be very inclusive.

“The game gives back as much as you give it. If you put everything into it, it will reward you,” sophomore Kellen Greco voiced.

What Greco has stated was that as long as a student gives it their all, they will be able to progress in the sport, and have a good time too.

Some students are thinking about doing soccer for a career. It would be a great career if the student gets on a professional soccer team. Considering a student could get $14,441- $384,204 to be a professional soccer player, it would be worth it to most players.

“Yes for sure, [to pursue soccer] there’s nothing I want more, I love soccer so much and I would love to pursue as a career in it, whether as a player, a coach, or a general manager. I would love it” Greco exclaimed with happiness.

Athletes want to do soccer because for most students it is like an escape, similar to what was said earlier.

“I like soccer because it is something to get away from life and I just overall enjoy it,” sophomore Ollie Penn communicated.

Penn exclaimed that soccer is almost purely for fun. Although soccer is for fun almost always, there can also be times that soccer can be annoying or things that some athletes do not like.

“It’s really fun, but despite the parts that are not fun, it’s worth it,” Penn added.

Every time an athlete from Air Academy High School, athletes might get nervous before the game, or they might be feeling the best they have felt, and it might be the best feeling in the world right before they step on that field.

Athletes know that feeling of right when they step on the field, or stage, or mat, the adrenaline that kicks in, or the feeling, it is so amazing, and everyone loves it, even if it’s the feeling of worry, it is absolutely astounding.

Soccer is a great way to get out of your head, to pursue a career, and so much more, if a student is into sports, maybe they should try out soccer, and see how they feel.