Spring Forward with Outdoor Activities!


The Hoover Dam in Southern Nevada is a popular tourist destination in the spring, when the weather is mild but not cold. Photo by Nicolai Schreck.

Spring is upon all majestic humans in AAHS and with it comes many outdoor activity opportunities. With the weather getting nicer, planting becoming possible, and living creatures returning, many Kadets are looking forward to spring with many fun outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking.

However, not all students like spring for various reasons, some being the obligation to go outside, while some being the returning of mosquitoes. However, for the Kadets who do like spring, here are some ideas on how to get the most of it, from AAHS students themselves.

For some, spring means finding a happy medium in the weather within spring.

“I love the weather in spring, as it’s not too hot or too cold, and I love the scenery, with plentiful rain,” senior Bradley Stephens stated.

For some, it’s about putting an end to the ominous and depressing weather winter can bring.

“When I see new growth starting to appear, it fills me with this overwhelming sense of hope that things are going to get better soon. The days get longer and the weather starts to improve,” English teacher Dallas Hall expressed.

Sometimes, nature activities are at the forefront of students’ and staff’s excitement.

“I spend lots of time in the spring hiking and exploring outdoors, so I’m glad to do that again,” Chemistry teacher Rachel Valiquette stated.

Some students have extensive travel plans due to the improved weather.

“I’m going to go to Texas for sure, maybe Illinois as well to see my family,” Stephens iterated.

Some, however, prefer to stay inside and enjoy the warming weather from their home instead of traveling.

“I don’t really travel until summer break because I’m a homebody and don’t have enough time to travel AND recover from travelling until then,” Hall also iterated.

One general consensus is that many individuals like winter, but are glad to have a change.

“I like the cold on some days, but I’m glad to have it over with, especially with this last cold spell we’ve had,” junior Caleb Worrath stated.

As winter is commonly a favorite season, the departure of it may be bittersweet.

“I have mixed feelings about winter being “over”. Spring snow can be the worst because it is usually wet snow that is heavy. In general, I do enjoy it when winter ends and the warm weather rolls in,” Valiquette also commented.

For some, spring is among their favorite seasons due to the abundance of outdoor activities it can have.

“I usually go hiking a lot with my family, and we sometimes go off-roading and rock climbing as well,” Stephens also added.

Spring is a mixed bag and hot topic among many students. Some love the nicer weather and longer days, while some will lament a going-outside obligation and want to drink more hot chocolate. Regardless, spring and its outdoor opportunities have returned for at least the 71st time. This also marks the tail-end of the skiing season, with more or less a few weeks left to ski. While the departure of winter may be bittersweet, spring will bring students closer to summer vacation and enjoy PE classes the way they were meant to be enjoyed.