Deaths On North Star Mountain


An image of a snow covered North Star Mountain. Labeled for reuse by Wikimedia Commons.

Recently on North Star Mountain, an avalanche occurred causing the death of 2 individuals, 25-year-old Hannah Nash and 35-year-old Drake Overson, who were hiking near North Star Mountain northwest of Hoosier Pass when they were caught by the avalanche. The deaths were caused by trauma to the head. 

It is said that the couple set out on Sunday and were not seen till Saturday when they were reported missing after a 400-ft wide avalanche occurred the following day. The search and rescue team set out and found the couple at the 11,700 ft mark of the hiking trails.

The rescue team is supposedly going to set out to see if any foul play or causation may have caused the 400 feet wide and 250 feet vertical avalanche. The trail may have to be shut down due to the likelihood of avalanches happening and causing injury or death in that area.

It is reported that the rescue team of 33 people with an additional aircraft and rescue dogs were sent to search for the couple after their car was found to be empty and the couple not returning to the base of the trail. It supposedly took a few hours before evidence of the location of the hikers was seen and identified to be their tracks and the bodies were found and identified to be the two missing victims.

Supposedly many other incidents have happened with accidents and avalanches on North Star Mountain resulting in eight separate deaths. It is strongly advised that any students planning to hike North Star Mountain should take the necessary precautions to stay safe while hiking.

“An avalanche rescue dog located both snowshoers and their dog, all of whom were completely buried by avalanche debris. All were deceased,” a statement from the Summit County Rescue Group reported.

This death has affected many, as both Nash and Overson were close to many, being a part of many groups including the group they previously hiked with.

Around this time of year, when skiing and snowboarding are most popular, it is advised for everyone to proceed with caution. As of now, when it’s popular, it may be more likely for avalanches and loose snow to fall, which can be harmful.

Many classes at Air Academy are very hiking involved such as rocky mountain high, as well as hiking and walking. From this, it is recommended that these classes be cautious as the winter months approach and more snow piles up on the mountain.

“Any activity up on a mountain can be dangerous, its always beneficial to be aware of your safety and surroundings,” junior Joseph Kenny stated.

Many students at AAHS love skiing and snowboarding around this time of year. It is suggested that all students stay safe when going up or down the mountain slopes. 

This incident is not a reason to have any AAHS students quit the activities they love, however, it is a good reason to make sure to always take safety first and check to make sure everything is correct before partaking in a dangerous activity.