Clubs? Tell Me More…


The biology club pictured while selling plants for a fundraiser.


FCA a local club for Air Academy students to go and hang out and meet new friends!

Air Academy offers a variety of activities and clubs for any students interested in a special subject. Aside from sports at AAHS, there are many other options for students. Some of the other options include extracurriculars such as clubs of which AAHS has more than 30.

Along the way, students can come up with clubs that interest them and eventually get them approved. With a variety of clubs ranging from science to reading, there is sure to be a fit for any student at AAHS! In this regard, one of the most popular clubs at AAHS is DECA.


“I would say that DECA is a really good class to take whether you are trying to go into business as a career or not. Regardless, it helps build confidence when speaking to people, it also helps you learn how to handle critical people skills in the real world,” junior Emme Van Beck said.


DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America and it helps students learn both business and socializing skills, which can aid students in becoming future entrepreneurs of the world. In addition to this, it is also a great club for any student to join even if they are not looking for anything revolving around business. 


Along with DECA, one of the busiest clubs at the school is the All Booked Up Club! It discusses various genres and is held in the media center every Wednesday. For a lot of the students at AAHS who are looking for a club to join or are in a reading slump, the All Booked Up club is definitely something to consider.


“I joined the book club mainly to get out of my book slump. I love reading in my off time and thought of taking the opportunity to open my horizon of books and their topics,” sophomore Jayda Powilleit said enthusiastically.


People here at AAHS show a great interest in the science department as well. An example of this is the biology club run by biology teacher, Cris Robson. The biology club is more than just a place of learning, it’s also a creative place and positive environment. 


“It’s a really fun cause of all the low stress experiments and it’s a fun environment. To learn more about biology without the stress of a classroom or homework,” sophomore Lily Larson said joyfully. 


In addition to the All Booked Up club and DECA, another popular extracurricular for the speakers is forensics, which is more commonly known as speech and debate. This club is a great activity for students looking to improve upon their communication skills and engage in a superb debate.


“I am a sophomore this year and was really interested in expressing important topics that I care about. So joining the speech and debate club was a great experience and choice for me,” sophomore Amber Singz said. 


AAHS all in all has some of the greatest clubs so far. With this, clubs and activities have been something the students here at AAHS have turned to, to make new friends and embrace skills in life. The clubs offered help develop new communication skills and allow students to make new friends.