The Denver Festival Of Lights From A First Timer


The lighting to showcase and start the parade of lights!

The Denver Parade of Lights is an event held every year to celebrate the coming of the holidays and support the many different foundations that sponsor the event, but to also showcase the large variety of floats, companies, and bands that attend the event!

So how was this year’s parade of lights?

First and foremost, the opening performance by the UCCS band was an absolutely amazing experience to witness firsthand! Their outfits and instruments adorned in a holiday theme really gave the band an incredible vibe and got everyone in the mindset to experience the holiday lights! 

Secondly, the color guard’s presented an array of colors. This ritual still holds a special place in the heart of this parade as it would seem, especially as a first-time viewer. It was a very impactful part of the parade, starting off the march of the bands and floats.

Following the color guard, the parade began, which certainly had a wide variety of floats and presentations. As they came by a number of different themes, music, and atmospheres floated all around downtown Denver.

There was a variety of different cultures displayed at the festival as well! The floats designed for the different cultures were absolutely breathtaking since they included Spain, the former Aztec empire, and many others that had an absolutely spectacular presence as they were showcased in full force with their wonderful display!

However, while this parade was definitely a very spectacular event, AAHS’s very own color guard and band were attending the Colorado Springs Festival Of Lights. 

The two parades were a very different experience all around and as sad as it is, it would be impossible to be able to view both of them. However, luckily there are plenty of people who went to the event to see our wonderful performance.

“It was an absolutely amazing experience, being able to see all the lights was absolutely magical and our band was definitely the highlight of my experience. Being able to see our own band playing in such a big event made me happier than I can tell,” junior Joseph Kenny noted.

“The music was definitely the most spectacular part, hearing it flow through the air and bring me that holiday joy was just such a spectacular feeling for me personally, I absolutely can’t wait for next year!” junior Dallas Jones stated.

As you can see, it was certainly a very popular and hyper event all around, and many students had a very good time being able to attend the parade! We hope to be able to see it next year and can’t wait for what they have in store, I expect that it will be even better than the years before!