A Kadet Christmas

Junior Jordan Swain and Senior Dee Dressular smile proudly in their festive holiday sweaters! Photo taken by Jordan Swain.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Get ready because this holiday season is coming fast! Air Academy Kadets are preparing for their winter festivities with family and friends. This year many Kadets are granted the opportunity to travel and to be held in the arms of their loved ones. 

“I get to go to New Orleans to visit my family,” sophomore Eugenie Gass stated. 

AAHS students celebrate all different family traditions, but it might not always be in Colorados since some may celebrate in other countries. However, those who enjoy the cold might enjoy winter activities such as skiing or snowboarding.

“I like to ski during the holidays because it’s really fun,” senior Lauren Attias noted.

Skiing has become a popular activity to practice throughout the winter season.

“I enjoy the outdoors because I go skiing with my cross country team,” senior Shay Anderson commented.

On the contrary, some students do not enjoy the cold as much as their peers. 

“Sometimes I don’t feel like getting wet and cold, ” junior Orrin Jones remarked.

Jones’s remark is understandable, especially in the colder winter months in Colorado, but nevertheless, people still enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. With this being said, some students may go outside for parades and or see the big Christmas tree display in downtown Denver.

Yet, festive activities do not always include large forms of lights or a big parade march. For some students and teachers, family means more to them than presents and a big tree.  For instance, engaging in small things like baking cookies, or singing a song, could mean more during the holiday season.

“My sister and I go on a 3 a.m. car ride,” sophomore Christina Heinrick noted.

The holidays do not have just one meaning and are not intended for only those who celebrate Christmas, but instead are directed towards everyone. For example, some Kadets celebrate Hanukkah. The Jewish holiday is celebrated for 8 days starting on November 28 and ending on December 6th. 

For those who do not engage in any holiday activities, there are plenty of things to do. More specifically, students could watch a Christmas movie or go ice skating or listen to music, and or just relax. 

“One of my favorite family activities is hiding a glass pickle somewhere in the house and whoever finds it first gets a prize,” junior Anai Sheilds remarked. 

Kadets have a long break to learn different activities and traditions from close friends or perhaps extended family members. Also, the holiday season can be used to relax or even catch up on last-minute assignments. 

The holiday season is here and it’s finally time to relax and take a break from the chaotic week of finals. This is the time to hang out with friends, bother your siblings, or go skiing.