What AAHS Has To Offer For Weightlifting

This story tells about Air Academy High School’s Weightlifting program, what it is and why it’s important.


Nicholas McCarthy

Senior James Wright Benching 205 Ibs in the AAHS Weight room, while being spotted by junior Tristan Hollman.

Air Academy High School offers a wide variety of sports and extracurricular activities. From sports such as football and basketball to chemistry and physics clubs, AAHS encourages all students to participate in different interests. However, there are many sports and activities that are unknown to students and one activity includes weightlifting.

Weightlifting has been a famous sport for decades. Most of the world’s best athletes include weightlifting in their training one way or another, including most actors and actresses. Weightlifting has become a sport that is participated in all around the world, including AAHS. Within the building, there is a gym that includes multiple pieces of equipment such as dumbbells, cable machines, and barbells.

Similar to other sports, all an individual needs is the right motivation to get started. This motivation can be found within the weightlifting community at AAHS since it is extremely supportive and helpful.

“What motivates me is just knowing I have to be better than I was yesterday,” senior Ethan Mirabal stated. 

 The weightlifting program offered at AAHS helps students learn about the sport and how to do it safely, as well as efficiently. For the students that want to continue or begin their lifting journey, there are weights classes available for all students during after-school hours or KAT ( Kadet Academic Time).

For the students interested in competitive weightlifting, AAHS Coach James Risenhoover is working towards creating a powerlifting team. Although the specifics are unknown at the time, Risenhoover is working with multiple strength coaches and other schools in district 20 to put together a powerlifting team. 

“A powerlifting team is a brand new idea, so right now I’m still in the process of talking to other schools and figuring out the costs of everything. There’s a lot of moving parts to it, but it’s ran just like an official sport and there would be an official team and everything,” Risenhoover noted. 

 Weightlifting can also provide endless opportunities and teach important life skills. Furthermore, weightlifting utilizes a multitude of different character-building traits that can be helpful all throughout life beyond high school. 

“Weightlifting teaches you a lot of things such as hard work and mental toughness, it teaches you to push through when things get hard. Even when you don’t want to do something, like going to the gym or going to work, it teaches you to push through the hard times,” Risenhoover commented.

In addition to this, many student-athletes utilize weightlifting in their training because strength and muscle building are important aspects of athletics.  Along with athletics, weightlifting also leads to an overall healthier lifestyle. Through working with various muscle groups and doing cardio, it can be a key component in life longevity. By implementing strong habits at a young age, it is easier to remain healthy throughout the duration of an individual’s life. 

“Physically, Weightlifting prevents things like obesity and heart disease, and mentally Weightlifting will help you build confidence and make good life choices,” Risenhoover explained.

Although many may consider weightlifting to not be a sport, it plays a large role in the athletics department at AAHS. Moreover, AAHS takes great pride in offering the opportunity to all students to participate in weightlifting to become not only stronger but healthier overall.