Does Music Help Studying?


Music is something that we all listen to, whether it be while studying, exercising, relaxing, or even while at a party. However, which genre of music is the best to help with the studying aspect, or rather, which do students find helps them personally?

Music has been around for as long as humans have been alive. Having sound come together to make something entirely brand new is not an unfamiliar practice, however, it is evident that humanity in the past few decades has been able to make remarkable forms of music. Yet, sounds being put together with a melody and vocals are not enough to make a good piece of music. Music is often put together sometimes as individual concepts, such as singular sounds or vocals. These occurrences have created the different types of music and how one plays the music today. Going along with the musical rhythm, differing styles have emerged to create a wide variety of genres.

From the vastness of music, music with studying has grown in popularity. Having multiple different streaming services and applications recommending music, it can be helpful when studying.

Yet, what do students believe to be the best musical genre? 

There is a large amount of evidence that suggests that the more relaxed side of the music industry can be found in genres such as lo-fi or jazz. Despite this being calming, does it actually apply to all students?

Even though the answer is uncertain, multiple student-led studies have come out with similar results to the ones previously mentioned. Although students enjoy more muted genres, it appears that a large portion of private study experiments concluded that those who listen to classical music were more productive than the ones who chose other genres or chose their personal favorite music, where they might have gotten distracted.

However, with the students of Air Academy, it seems to be quite the opposite, with the range of music being diverse between everyone. While most did use playlists of lo-fi as mentioned previously, it was also seen that some students liked more unorthodox genera, such as rock, metal, and other diverse music.

When interviewed, this is what a few students had to say, “Students are each different with how they experience certain things, some people want to treat studying as fun or as an activity, while others may want to just have fun or entertainment while studying,” said Aiden Farrell.

This shows very well as a large amount of students have said that studying merely takes up a large chunk of their life outside of school and that they’d rather get it out of the way as soon as possible and that they often find that simply listening to music improves their mood and helps them concentrate on the assignment.

So in conclusion, music does not need to be restricted to one specific genre. When studying, what students listen to us up to them, everything is merely about personal preference, and what helps the student in the most beneficial way possible for them.