Air Academy’s New Baseball Coach

Sophomore Sean Kramer provides an exceptional pitch during an Air Academy baseball game.

Sophomore Sean Kramer provides an exceptional pitch during an Air Academy baseball game.

A lion leading a bunch of sheep is more successful than a sheep leading a bunch of lions. This analogy is important for all student-athletes who are new or returning to a sport. Multiple students have returned to participate in the baseball program offered at Air Academy High School.

Air Academy has just hired a new head baseball coach with high-ranked experience. Having a new coach impacts the team in a variety of ways. For instance, existing assistant coaches are now put under new management and are required to coach in an entirely different way. The experience can be completely new for just about anyone, including both the athletes and management team.

For new players, coaching is the most important aspect of the game. Both athletes and coaches have to learn to successfully compete in the sport as if they were brand new to it. By having players with strong coaching, it enables the student-athletes to develop more efficiently.

As head baseball coaches know, it is their responsibility to strengthen both the new and existing players. The goal is to constantly advance and train the players towards achieving the next level.

The entire dynamic of the team is directed by the coach. Their expertise and teaching style are enforced amongst everyone on the team. Yet, despite their teaching style, enthusiasm is also an important practice for coaches. For instance, when players do not enjoy playing for their coach they could potentially lose interest in their sport.

Having said this, Steve Whiting is the new head coach for the AAHS baseball program. On November 6th, there was a meeting between the new coach and interested students.

“Our new coach is very experienced and has been in the Colorado Springs area for a while. He is also committed to staying here for our team and cannot wait to join,” Luis Alecia stated.

It is easy to tell that the new coach is eager to engage with athletes and begin the baseball season. He showcased his eagerness by setting up a pre-season practice and cleaning up the field.

Coach Whiting seemed very enthusiastic to get back out onto the field and begin the season. He set up a few new practices for the team and a lot of students showed great interest. The new coaches were interactive with the team and started to build a sense of community.

“I liked the new coach. He had a good impression on the team. Field clean-up day was good, the coaches were thrilled to be out on the field with the team,” sophomore Sean Kramer exclaimed.

All of the coaches appeared to be fun and enthusiastic towards the team. The next Air Academy baseball team is looking strong for a winning season next year. Along with this, new freshmen players were at the field clean-up and were interacting with more experienced players.

A coach’s goal is to build the team’s relationship and skills. After cleaning up, the field looked great and the drills commenced. The coaches wanted to work hard, which is a positive sign of commitment. Overall, Air Academy students cannot wait for baseball season to start up again.