The Athletic Leadership Council Taking Off


The Air Academy’s Boys Soccer team huddling up before a game. Photo taken by Keelin Wittkamp.

There is a newly established Athletic Leadership Council for AAHS athletes this 2021 school year. This council provides help for students that are involved in some sort of sport to join and create a better environment as a whole for the school.

The Athletic Leadership Council is all about athletes coming together from any and all sports to create a better environment for AAHS athletes.

“The purpose of the Leadership Council is to allow athletes from different sports to come together and, with the help of each other, improve our athletic program and its teams in many ways that are bigger than the wins and losses. It’s going to help athletes in AAHS because there’s going to be increased support from the members of the other sports, whether that’s fans in the student section or a conversation in the hallway,” junior Finn Horsefall explained.

Demonstrating the unity between the different sports at AAHS shows that there really is no difference between people and what they are trying to bring awareness to. A sense of winning and losing is something that many athletes get stuck in their heads about. The Athletic Leadership Council will help with those certain topics.

The representation and responsibility that athletes show for their sports is an extremely vital part of the Leadership Council.

“I would say that one of the main responsibilities is that I have the privilege to represent my sport. A big part of it is that I get to meet within other sports and learn how they are leading their sports as well,” senior Keegan Bennett commented.

The representation of a sport is really important to athletes, so it is going to be very beneficial to the athletes to show what the sport is made of.

Making Air Academy a better environment and allowing the people of Air Academy to be better people seems to be a huge goal for the Athletic Leadership Council.

“We have a conversation about how to make Air Academy Athletics a better place. We don’t focus on winning, but rather creating a better athletic community and better relationships. We also focus on being better students, sons, daughters, friends, whatever it might be. Our goal is to learn valuable lessons throughout the athletic seasons and become better human beings,” sophomore Frank Flores pointed out.

It will bring so much positivity to the school once better and stronger relationships are formed. A better overall community will improve the outcome of people’s attitudes towards wins and losses. Being able to dispose of the negativity in students’ lives is a beneficial part of the council for the athletes.

“It is going to create a positive environment for athletes at Air Academy to be able to discuss the way that athletics as a whole creates positive and beneficial traits in athletes throughout their lives,” junior Cody Sheets mentioned.

High school is just a small portion of people’s lives, but what happens during this time will determine who people are and what they want.

The Athletic Leadership council is going to help so many of the athletes attending with their lives as a whole. There is much excitement for what’s to come with this program.