A Few Brave Americans: The AAHS Veteran’s Day Assembly


At the Air Academy High School Veterans Day assembly, numerous veterans walk through the JROTC’s saber arch.

103 years and 4 days ago marked the day that ended the war to end all wars. On November 11th, we celebrate those who gave their service to our country: This is not to be confused with Memorial Day, which is to honor those who died in service. 

Veterans Day is celebrated in different ways all around the world such as in the UK the poppy is the mainstay of the day. For instance, politicians and other public figures wear poppies in their clothes to remember those who were lost, as well the Royal British Legion distributes poppies to honor their veterans.

Armistice days as it is called in France is celebrated with parades near war memorials and wreaths are laid to commemorate those that served. This day also has a minute of silence at 11 am to remember the time WW1 ended.

However, in the United States, Veterans Day is celebrated with parades, cookouts, and assemblies. At Air Academy High School, those who served are honored through our Veterans day assembly. The assembly is orchestrated by student council: This assembly helps show those who served appreciation and gratitude.

The assembly was focused on honoring those that served by having Lieutenant General Clark give a speech on commitment and serving something greater than yourself. The speech was widely well-received by students, staff members, and administrators.

“I liked the speech, it made me think, ” Madam Kim Sinkola responded.

The wise words of General Clark resonated with a large majority of the AAHS staff population.

“Feels that the General’s speech was to make you push towards your goals, and not just in school,” senior Joseph Bradford stated.

The purpose of the speech was to add discipline at a much-needed time and it appears that the speech achieved just that.

The whole assembly was to honor those who served and the assembly achieves that by having parents and staff members who previously served to be honored.

Countless Americans have served their country and it is only right that the nation honors their heroic efforts.

“Veteran’s day means a lot to me, many members of my family have been deployed and fought in wars, so veterans day for me is to remember and give thanks to anyone who gave their service for our country, no matter how long,” Bradford noted.

With a large majority of the country having veterans in their families or being veterans themselves, it is important that we remember them for their brave endeavors. It is also significant for the nation to remember all that was given for the freedoms and liberties we have today. Whether it be the union soldiers that gave their lives to free those who were enslaved or the brave Americans who ended WWII it is relevant to note that these moments in history would not be possible without the sacrifice of millions of Americans.