Stars Align: The Truth Behind Zodiacs


A majestic globe containing constellations sits on a table. Labeled free for reuse by Unsplash.

The sky consists of wonderful constellations that represent everything from characters in mythology to zodiac signs. Air Academy High School holds hundreds of students along with the staff. Although there are major differences between the two, there are many fun similarities such as zodiacs. 

What exactly are zodiacs? According to Britannica, they are constellations containing twelve astrological signs that are Sagittarius, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, Leo, and Cancer. 

These signs are present throughout the AAHS, among them is science teacher Alison Kelly.

“I’m a Leo! It has been a really long time since I have looked at this information, BUT I think I remember things like courageous and outgoing being mentioned,” Kelly guessed.

Oddly enough, English teacher Rachel Cullen shares the same sign.

“I think I’m a Leo since my birthday is in August,” Cullen assumed.

There seems to be a common pattern of teachers being Leo’s. It’s not completely surprising since that firey sign loves attention. MindBodyGreen listed that Leo’s traits include confidence, generosity, and ambition.

That isn’t the only zodiac within AAHS, junior Keegen Kiger is one of them.

“I’m a Gemini and I know everyone hates Gemini’s, but they’re very hot and funny,” Kiger stated.

Out of the twelve zodiacs, Gemini is known to be the most looked down upon.  Their traits, however, make it seem unreasonable. On Astrology Zodiac Signs, Gemini’s are said to be gentle, inconsistent, and affectionate.

No sign is perfect, within all of them are ups and downs. Many do not feel as if they align with their zodiac.

“I feel like it fits me when it’s the good things but I do not think my flaws fit,” Kiger said.

Personally, as a Virgo, I think that my personality matches Virgo’s attributes which consist of being humble, practical, and overthinking. Astrology Zodiac Signs goes further into this Earth sign by describing them as having a deep sense of humanity and paying attention to the small details.

Others like Kelly would agree too.

“I know that when people ask me for my sign and I say that I am a Leo…they usually say something like “OHHH, that makes sense! So I guess it represents me well,” Kelly answered. 

Representation is important, especially when connecting to any sign.

“Being Leo has perks, for example, it really helps out with teaching in front of crowds. I can grab my student’s attention easily. In my personal life, I tend to be the person that seems really approachable and talks the most in a crowded room,” Kelly stated.

Overall zodiacs are fun to learn about and can be a great way to bond with friends. Although signs give people knowledge of deeper meaning within themselves, it’s important to not take it too seriously.

“I’m always open to learning new things but I would never let it impact my life,” Cullen suggested.