The Legacy of Glenn Hoit

Who was Glenn Hoit? How did he impact the atmosphere at Air Academy?


The entrance to B building is labeled as Glenn Hoit hall to remember the legacy of a former educator.

As students pass through Air Academy they stumble between various buildings with an ambition to learn and excitement to grow within their academic lives. Whilst they pass through the corridors and breezeways, students enter Glenn Hoit hall, which is known as B building. This hall is home to multiple courses, however, the hall specifically focuses on science and mathematics. Students who enter this hall can learn a wide variety of topics including courses ranging from Algebra One to Honors Pre-Calculus to AP Chemistry. 


Although this academic hall appears grand, the hall was not always modernized. In recent years the hall underwent reconstruction and was revitalized through modern technology that would contribute to both scientific and mathematical success. By having this remodel occur, Hoit hall was able to provide students with greater academic opportunities and learning experiences. 


Yet, despite this remodeling period being significant, the name of the hall is incredibly inspiring. The infamous B building is officially recognized as Glenn Hoit hall after a former teacher who worked at AAHS. Glenn Hoit was a math teacher who specialized in teaching forms of math such as calculus. Despite his extraordinary efforts within the classroom, Hoit also organized multiple extracurriculars and athletics, including activities such as theater, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and football. From his involvement within the school, Hoit was a remarkable educator and role model not only for students but also for teachers. Numerous teachers still remember the impact that Hoit possessed, but more specifically physics teacher Brad Boyle and math teacher Kimberly Madden still uphold his legacy today. 


“Glenn Hoit is the teacher that we all strive to be,” Boyle noted. “Glenn particularly understood making connections with students and had a gift for explaining difficult concepts well to promote student understanding.”


Mr. Hoit was patient and kind with all his students, all the time.  He helped them reach their fullest potential.  He also made sure they were aware that the grade on a test or in the class is not what defined them as a person,” Madden stated. 


As mentioned, the work of Hoit does not go unnoticed even in recent years. The legacy of Hoit remains evident at AAHS, despite his unfortunate passing earlier this year. He remains relevant today due to the fact that he always positively commanded a room and enabled students to thrive within their academic environments. Having said this, he also utilized multiple strategies to encourage students to fulfill their potential. 


“ (1) You are defined by more than your test score; (2) creation of a community of learners; and (3) being kind to all–community over content,” Boyle stated. 


“Mr. Hoit embodied that idea that teaching is an infinitely improvable art form, because he continued to learn new ways to connect with students, new ways to explain Calculus concepts, and entirely new skills throughout his 38 year career,” math teacher Amy Cofield exclaimed. 


Creating community and spreading kindness around the school enabled Hoit to make a true impact both during and after his time at AAHS. Taking this into consideration, the infamous legacy of Hoit should be continually celebrated by students, staff members, and administrative directors. It is crucial to remember the influence of Hoit to not only inspire future generations to thrive but to also create a positive foundation for all future educators.