How is Volleyball at AAHS in 2021?


The varsity girls volleyball team gather in a huddle during an away game!

Volleyball is an extremely popular sport throughout high school. Many students and staff love going to the games and cheering the team on. Students go to both the away and home games to bring school spirit and enthusiasm.  Volleyball seems to be one of the most popular sports at AAHS during the school year. 

Team bonding is extremely important to have a stable and strong relationship between the players. Team bonding is not only doing activities during practices that bring the team together, it can be outside of practices. Sleepovers or going out to lunch as a group can create bonds within the team. 

“We have all gotten so close within these past few months and treat each other like sisters. While playing we have such a strong connection with one another and we all learn each other’s playing styles, strengths, and weaknesses. Although we haven’t had the best season this year, we have all played our hearts out on the court for each other,” junior Amanda Rubidoux described. 

Having a bond with teammates that is as strong as sisters really impacts the entire season for the girls. Even though the 2021 season wasn’t to its full potential, having an amazing support system undeniably helped the girls get through it. 

Just about every sport, whether it be for the school or a club team has weekly practices during the season to make sure the team is in shape and ready to play. Practices give both the coaches and players the opportunity to show what they are made of.

“A typical day for AAHS volleyball usually starts around 4:00 pm. We meet in the gym ready and dressed by 3:55. We start our warmups and prepare for the practice. When we are warmed up, we begin our drills and when we are ready, we bring JV over to start scrimmaging for the rest of practice,” junior Ellie Schwenke described.

AAHS volleyball has a defined routine for practices, which keeps the players ready for what’s next.

Covid-19 has affected just about everyone’s lives, especially everyone that does a sport for the school. During Covid, it is especially hard for students to keep doing the things they love. Sports were greatly impacted by the quarantine and stay-at-home mandate. Some people started doing activities other than sports, while others tried their very best to keep the sport in their lives. 

“Covid lengthened my club season, so I had club volleyball and school volleyball at the same time along with school. It was more work and very stressful. It was also the year I transferred so volleyball helped me make friends while being separated,” junior Sophia Ross explained. 

Many students became more invested in club sports, particularly volleyball. Volleyball is exceedingly active and enjoyable to the people that play it. During Covid, branching out and trying new things, such as a club sport can and will create new relationships and help others adapt.

With the help of team bonding, the constant practices,  and adaptation of the volleyball girls, the team next year will be phenomenal. Allowing students to have a sport that they can play and create relationships with is a win within itself. The student body loves the volleyball team and can’t wait to see them on the court next year.