AAHS Most Under-Appreciated Classes

This article talks about the classes that are offered at AAHS and how they are beneficial and why they should get more recognition.


Nicholas McCarthy

Band at AAHS

Air Academy high school offers a wide variety of classes, from theatre to culinary arts to even Mechanics. Unfortunately, a large portion of students from AAHS tend to avoid these unique classes, despite the knowledge and life skills that can come from them. Considering these classes into a schedule of a student would most definitely be beneficial to them. 

Although plenty of students take honors and AP classes, in which AAHS takes great pride in, I feel as if not enough students take the classes that will teach them skills for the future such as mechanics and cooking. Even if students aren’t interested in some of the classes offered, it’s still important to explore the options given and find what you like.

Not only does AAHS offer classes that teach skills that can be useful, but it also teaches skills that are necessary for the real world or skills that may be required for a certain job. For example, if a student is interested in going into a career such as engineering, classes such as Civil engineering, or computer applications may be helpful.

“The business class that I take lines up with the job I want, so it works out because I’m going to need to know this stuff anyways,” sophomore Kellen Greco stated. 

Despite the benefit that these classes may offer, they still don’t seem to get as much recognition as they should. Oftentimes it is common that students say that school doesn’t teach enough. An often asked question within this generation is why doesn’t school teach us more. However, AAHS gives all the resources for students to not only learn, but also to learn about something that interests them. 

A way that AAHS could help with the recognition of these classes, is by better advertising the classes that aren’t mentioned as much. There are a couple ways that AAHS could better advertise these classes, such as setting up posters, having more events that include these classes, or simply having staff talk about these classes more. By advertising these classes students might take an interest, or students that might not have known that we offered those classes can take the opportunity.

“I didn’t even know that we had cooking classes at the school, but I’d love to take a class like that,” sophomore Jadyn Selecky said. 

It’s important that the students at AAHS take advantage of the classes that are provided for them. Not all schools offer such a variety of classes. 

“I don’t think we have very many real-life skill classes here, but I wish we did,” sophomore Micheal Vastola at CMHS said.

Now more than ever is the time for students to discover what they like, so don’t pass up the opportunity to learn something new for free. 

As stated before, AAHS offers many different options in terms of classes. It doesn’t hurt to try new things and explore different opportunities that may help in achieving your goals or reaching a desired career, and taking the time to learn basic necessities will help you go much further in life.