Cybersecurity at Air Academy


Technology is now a daily part of everyone’s life. Some of life’s most important information is kept on our devices. Bank account and personal information is kept on your phone. It’s simply just a password away. 

Pine Creek High School has a cyber security program with so much interest from all round the district. With students being so interested in helping with cyber security it would be a good idea for us to have our own program.

The amount of job opportunities in cyber security is great for our school to have recognition as well. Most jobs in cyber security are involved with the government and have plenty of perks.

Working with the government gives you free healthcare and pays really well. Just like in most jobs there are levels to working in cyber security. The entry level of cyber security would already be acquired because the cyber security certification has already been completed.

Working cyber security is helping the community by protecting millions of people. Knowing this I think a lot more people that want to be police officers or firefighters would also be interested in this career. 

Majority of high school students have a phone and used it daily. Although they don’t have as much personal information on their phones they all have social media.  Instagram and facebook contains ton of personal information. Just by looking at a public profile of a student depending on the picture you can find what school they go to and a variety of aspects of their lives.

A variety of government officials working at the pentagon have told the media that all of the United States’ money needs to go into cyber security. Clearly this is a very important level of security that the US doesn’t have.

One of the chief officers also working at the pentagon recently quit because China is so far ahead of us in their level of cyber security he was worried for the future of our country.

This obviously draws a ton of attention to the subject and I’m sure that people knowing that students want to go into cyber security starting in high school makes them feel more comfortable.

Cyber Security is clearly a very important trait of the US that isn’t as strong as most people think. Getting more workers into Cybersecurity is both creating more jobs and helping our country in a big way. Knowing this I think its a good idea to bring the cyber security program to Air Academy High.