Tutoring at AAHS

A large majority of high school students struggle with grades. It’s important for those students to have assistance. Tutoring is a very big help when it comes to academics. Whether that’s helping students by explaining problem sets to them or completely reteaching the given material.

Teachers are always willing to help but often times it’s not the same for students. With this being said, achieving good grades is important for almost everything within high school. Grades can drastically impact students’ future, especially in high school. Many students want to go to college but their grade point average deciphers where they go.

An active student in Air Acadmey activities, Mikayla Hancock notes that tutoring should be available to raise students’ grade point averages.

“I think there should be out of school tutoring at Air Academy because a lot of students are struggling with their grades and could use the extra support,” Hancock noted. 

Taking this into consideration, private tutoring can be very expensive, and if Air Academy had a tutoring program it could benefit both students and parents. Although having good grades requires hard work not all students have the work ethic or share similar opinions on their school work. However, there are so many ways to help students boost their grades.

Having a personal tutor who can develop a friendship with you would be a great quality to look at. If the tutor were to be a teacher or student or potentially go to the same school, over time a friendship will develop. A friendship with your tutor would make it more enjoyable in almost every way.

Parents teacher conferences are coming up soon and its most likely parents want to see their student’s strong grades. By having teacher input, academics will become their top priority. Teachers will help struggling students with their grades during class, but they ultimately leave the option up to them to come in for additional help.

“I myself am starting to fail some classes. I think that if there was some type of program for during KAT time or before or after school it would help out students a lot,” a KMAC student stated. 

If a tutoring program were to require the students to come in if they have one or more failing grades it would have a drastic increase in their GPA. By forcing students to give extra time to school, it will build a strong habit to have them maintain good grades so that they no longer have to come in after school or before regular starting time.

Building a habit to have good grades is what students need to develop. A habit of just getting the work done will become more important or just add another daily portion of time to their day.

Having a tutoring program at Air Academy would help students with their grades in so many ways. They would understand the subjects they are struggling with and also develop a solid habit to do their homework at home or during study hall.