Air Academy After Dark


A photo of Air Academy as the sun sets.

Air Academy is known by many for its bright environment and active community. However after the lights go out Air Academy becomes even more alive with activity! When the time comes, our after school clubs spring to life, giving Air Academy students to express their interests without having to worry about it getting in the way of their daily life. With this adapted schedule after school clubs students don’t need to worry about trying to balance students education with having fun, as a majority of the clubs at Air Academy each have academic aspects that can benefit anyone in many educational aspects.

Recently, many clubs have opted to start after school rather than taking up valuable time for classes or doing work. Some of these clubs include the D&D Club and Chemistry Club. These clubs have recently opened up, however the clubs operation is very intriguing as while also simply just for fun. The D&D club and Chemistry Club also consist of vast educational benefits for students. As fellow student Dallas Jones said, “After school a lot of the time students just need to relax and destress, I’ve found that the best time to do that is when the school day is over and the stress is all gone.”

One of the more stand-out clubs would be the D&D club. Which has become a safe space for students to relax and be themselves while also learning some major skills. For example increasing social skills between students with the amount of lively interaction that happens in the club. It also can help with other aspects like problem solving and trying new things. 

Chemistry Club can help students even more with it revolving around a subject most students may be interested in, giving them an opportunity to learn even more about it outside of regular class if they have an interest to learn more about chemistry without needing to wait for the next class period to happen. Not only that it’s also an amazing way to let students find what they truly enjoy, as chemistry has multiple aspects that can be explored as students participate in the meetings. 

When interviewed, not surprisingly each group had very intriguing answers to each of the questions asked of them. Each club has benefits for being held afterschool, Dallas Jones the current head of the D&D Club said,

“I think D&D could be very beneficial to students, it has so many real world interactions and skills that can be applied, such as interactions between one another, just talking back and forth towards your friends. It also has some academic applications like math or chemistry, depending on how you wanna play you could make it scientific to a tee or as nonsensical as possible. Either way, D&D is made to be fun, but can also be great source for knowledge,” stated Jones enthusiastically!

As is apparent, Air academy gets no dull moments even in the depths of the night! As we approach nightfall yet again, be sure to look for any opportunity to check out our wonderful activities after the lights go off!