ZOOM to Kadet Coffee!!


Kadets waiting to get coffee.

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People are marching through the halls, trying to rush to get Kadet Coffee before it gets busy.

The Kadet Coffee line may be solved if Kadets were more attentive to the line. However, people in line have places to be and things to do. Everyone wants to get coffee to either continue their day or start it with energy.

The Kadet Coffee line gets so long that teachers get angry at their students for being over there for quite a while. This isn’t necessarily their fault, as the line really is an issue. Some students believe they have a solution to this affair.

“I think they should take cash from both lines,” junior Chloe Roster exclaimed.

Roster’s idea would be beneficial in theory, but it might arouse more complaints. Some students might like the line dividers because they separate people that use alternative payment methods, and it makes the lines easy for the employees. Some students theorize that the length of the line won’t be an issue for very long.

“Well, it will probably get shorter because like there will be like ahh, everyone will probably know what each drink tastes like so they won’t have to go there or they won’t have to spend as much time there picking out the drink they want,” freshman Sage Montoya stated.

I agree with Montoya because once people start to know what they do and don’t like, they will be able to order much more quickly. The line fiasco also had something to do with the time of day that students were going. When asked about the busiest period for Kadet Coffee, several teachers gave the same answer.

I think earlier in the morning, so that first half of the day it seems I have more kids asking to go,” Spanish teacher Tyran Spencer commented.

Aside from the timing, I would also say that the students working the business would be more experienced by that time and they would get orders down quicker, making drinks faster than the beginning of the year.

“Actually, I think it will probably get longer cause when Kadet Coffee started I never really went, but as time went on I started going more,” sophomore Stephanie Smith stated.

The later in the year it gets, the shorter the line has been. Fewer people have shown up in a hurry to get their drinks. Students might not want coffee as much or they might want to go at a later period.

For now, the Kadet Coffee hype seems here to stay, but as time goes on we’ll see whether this remains true. The employed students of Kadet Coffee, however, are awaiting your order!