Air Academy’s Favorite Season

Monzon’s time in the canyons!

Here are some of our students’ thoughts on what their favorite season is. Senior Damian Monzon likes summer because

“It’s hot and I like the weather,” Monzon stated.

Monzon likes the fact that you can go to beaches during the summer because it isn’t too cold. He also likes the fact that you can wear shorts during the summer because he doesn’t like wearing pants. When Monzon used to live in California he would just go to the beach everyday. He would also just spend time with his friends, they would go to lakes and all that. Monzon and his friends would pretty much go anywhere with water and just do stuff outside for the most part of summer. Monzon like pretty much everyone else doesn’t like the winter because it’s cold and he does not like the cold one bit.

Sophomore Jenna Andrews knows that her favorite season is summer same as Monzon for many reasons. 

“There is no school and the weather is really nice,” Andrews stated.

She enjoys it because she gets to spend time with her family. During the summer Andrews also likes to go to the pool and hang out with her friends. In addition to this, she also travels a lot during the summer. Her least favorite season, however, is spring. She does not enjoy spring because in Colorado it can be incredibly rainy at certain points. Along with this, Andrews notes that there is nothing to do in spring but she likes it due to the fact that it offers spring break. 

However, although Andrews does not enjoy spring, other Air Academy students enjoy other seasons. For instance, freshman Anjel Acevedo’s favorite season is fall. 

“It’s a spooky season,” Acevedo stated.

During this season Acevedo enjoys trick or treating with her friends. She also enjoys watching scary movies and dressing up for Halloween. Yet, even though fall is her favorite, her least favorite season is winter because she does not like the cold.

Despite her judgments, Acevedo shares common interests with junior Michael Bryson. Similarly, Bryson enjoys the fall season for a multitude of reasons. 

“It’s not to hot not to cold,” Bryson stated.

He also loves fall since it is when you start getting into pumpkin activities such as pumpkin carvings. In contrast to his love for fall, Bryson does not like winter since it is way too cold for his personal enjoyment.

Sophomore Zoe Baker’s favorite season is winter because she likes the snow and the fact that you get to ski which you can’t do in any other season. During winter Baker ski’s, sleeps, and she has hot chocolate. She does not like summer because it is really hot and she prefers the cold.

“Doesn’t really enjoy it unless she’s competing,” Baker stated.

She competes in a series of horseback riding competitions, Baker specifically does eventing which is like a triathlon for horses and humans.

Freshman Amy Semler’s favorite season is summer the particular reason for circumstance is because

“it’s nice out and my birthday is in the summer,” Semler stated.

During summer Semler usually hangs out with her family and they go out to eat a lot. She enjoys summer because she likes to draw outside the nice weather summer has and she take pictures of the pretty flower’s that bloom during summer. Semler does not like winter because it is very cold outside and she feels that during winter you can’t really do anything fun outside without being to cold or worrying about getting frostbite.

She doesn’t like to go outside because of the cold so during winter Semler stays inside in front of a fire and she just watches movies and drinks warm drinks.  She watches Christmas movies mostly during winter but sometimes she’ll go out of her way and watch scary movies.