Dances at Air Academy High School


Photo Booth Takes Over The Girls

We have only had two dances since we have started back in in-person school. That being said, the dances we have had so far have been fun-filled events.

According to our senior student Damian Monzon the homecoming dance was more fun because it was indoors and we didn’t have to wear masks. I also liked the fact that we didn’t have to wear masks. In future dances, I do wish that it wasn’t as hot because everyone was sweating and it smelt bad in the gym.

He said it wasn’t outdoors like the color dance and he liked that, Monzon said that the color dance was fun but that they played Tiktok music rather than more popular hits. In Monzon’s opinion, the homecoming dance had more variety of music. If he could change anything about the dance it would be the location. He thought the gym was small and wishes that in future dances they add water and snacks. He thinks that the Air Academy dances are a lot more fun than other school dances. 

“They only had water fountains. Everyone was dehydrated and I was sweating like a dog,” complained Monzon.

Junior Nolan Reddoch’s opinion was different from Monzon’s. He liked the color dance more because it was not as hot and there weren’t as many people. He liked the fact that it was outside and not inside where it is really crowded and hot.

“That most dances at any school are pretty the same, that they aren’t that different,” said Reddoch.

To make the dances better he would like them to have air conditioning so it is not as hot. He liked the fact that we did not have to wear masks and he wished that all the dances that we have in the future require no mask. He also wants the future dances to have refreshments like water and snacks.

There are a lot of things that could have been done to improve the dances we have had so far. At the color dance, it was very fun and lively. It had cool lights and everyone was dancing and having fun, I also like the fact that we were able to dress up casually. I don’t really like dressing up and wearing heels because they hurt your feet and you get uncomfortable easily at least for me anyways. In the homecoming dance, I felt like everyone was complaining about it being hot though it was still fun. Near the end of the dance, everyone went outside so they weren’t hot.

In the future, the dances should have snacks and drinks. The people I interviewed said they wish the dances had drinks because the only drinks they had were the water fountains. The dances should also be at Air Academy; we shouldn’t have to go to other schools for dances. Especially schools with really small gyms because it makes it crowded and hot like the homecoming dance. Taking this into consideration the dances are worth while and fun to go to.

Lively Dancing