Game Review: Dead by Daylight Pinhead


Dead by Daylight, survivor lobby.

Time often flys by and yet another killer as the game likes to call them has been released for the game Dead by Daylight. Dead by Daylight is popular for collaborating with different horror franchises, and this new DLC is no different; the new killer is Pinhead from the movie Hellraiser. Pinhead has made a splash in the balance, and returning players have very strong opinions. 

When asked about his feelings on the killer, senior Landon Hall responded with his commentary on the new addition to the game.

“I think he’s overpowered for now, and playing against him is an awful experience,” said Landon.

This was not an uncommon sentiment to be sure, but sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the positives as well as the negatives, even if there are a lot more negatives than positives. 

I never truly understood why companies made a new character overpowered, but the problem isn’t solved by the addition of Pinhead. Pinhead is yet another overpowered killer, with the ability to restrict your movement and take you away from the action you’re performing is a recipe for annoyance. When asked about it senior Marley Bailey responded by saying 

“It feels like there isn’t much balance at the moment,” she replied, also commending the chains for feeling fresh and new.

It seems that the fanbase as a whole isn’t too happy with the balance of the new killer, myself included. It feels like a very cheap marketing tool to get people to buy the DLC. The common consensus is that he is unbalanced and overpowered. I feel that the number of times I have seen a person disconnect from the match is extremely telling.

“I’ve seen more people disconnect from matches against Pinhead than the other killers,” said Bailey.

But that’s not to say it was all bad; there are a few good additions to the game. When asked what she liked of the update Bailey replied positively.

“New killer means new game updates and new in-game music.”

One certain thing is that the atmosphere built by the game will be superb, and this is no exception. As overpowered as Pinhead is, he helps build the helpless feeling that the game wants you to have, it always feels like an uphill battle and I love it.

I feel that in time that will be the common consensus about the killer, but for now people aren’t happy with the killer. Bailey said her main problem wasn’t with the killer. Instead, her issue stemmed from her teammates.

“More people disconnecting not only sucks but also throws the game and costs the other survivors the game,” said Marley.

Like everything, there are positives and negatives, and for the most part, the DLC is negative, but it is ignorant to ignore the good it does. More and more people are giving the game attention, and that’s never a bad thing. I also enjoy the new updates as a whole, and while the killer is extremely overpowered, he will be fixed in time to be added to the selection of killers for the game.