Kadet Sports Hit The Fields Again!


Cross Country runner Bethany Michalak celebrates with her team! Photo taken by Lori Mickalak

Air Academy’s volleyball team hit the courts again against rivals Rampart! Photo taken by Maddie Chidester.

It’s been a while since the feet of bustling kids have touched the field where they play. Since the beginning of 2019, athletes have been struggling to represent their high school sports team. Whether it is on the turf or the court, students have been getting their sports seasons canceled or even extended in certain circumstances. This year, however, is the chance for AAHS athletes to come back and showcase their improvement within the sport.

Last year cross country and track runner Bethany Michalak came first in the state for nationals! Yet this year, the rising sophomore provides commentary suggesting otherwise.  

“There are very talented athletes, and I would be happy to just get in the top 5 this year,” modestly states Michalak. 

The main question directed towards Michalak is whether or not the cross country team this year will have a better chance of winning state in comparison to last year? 

“I think this year we will have a better chance of getting the top 3 again, so I think we are doing pretty good so far into the season,” noted Michalak.

The AAHS cross county team has had a tremendous season thus far! Michalak is very excited to get back into running and rejoin the team bonding experience on and off the field. 

“I really like the competition aspect of running and I came to Air Academy because of the great coaching staff we have here. I just hope our team progresses and we do better and better each meet and each individual athlete succeeds during the season,” exclaimed Michalak.

Along with cross country and their victorious wins recently, another team that has had success in the season is boys tennis! On September 22, 2021, the boys’ tennis team had multiple wins at the K-dome. The team at the beginning of the season went up to Grand Junction and had numerous triumphant matches. 

“It was great, there was a lot of great competition. We got to play through the heat of the somewhat summer. I personally did good for the competition I faced, and I went 3 and 2 as a single player,” commented sophomore Noah Hellem. 

Hellem was also asked whether or not he feels tennis is more of an individual sport compared to that of a team sport such as football or soccer. He shared his point of view:

“I feel like tennis has aspects of being both a single and team sport, when you are playing singles you do feel alone because you are by yourself on the court. But you also have a team that will pick you up and supports you through your opponents,” Hellem stated. 

Volleyball has been having a very motivating season so far as well. Even though they have not been doing the best on the court, they have been incredibly motivating and hopefully progressing as the season continues. Junior Ellie Schwenke stated very motivationally:

“I think that we really need to work on team chemistry, but after that, I feel we will be set and will work well together,” mentioned Schwenke. 

Volleyball players have been fighting their way through a tough schedule. They have been coming up short with a 0-10 record into the season. Looking on the positive side they also have 6  games left to change it around and to make a better ending to the season.

“I think we just need to keep our attitudes up because when one attitude is down the whole team goes down, so if we work on that and our team chemistry. I think our team will be set,” proclaimed Schwenke enthusiastically. 

In comparison to volleyball, football has had a very shocking 3-2 streak throughout the season. Considering past records at Air Academy involving football, this year’s football team has had an inspiring season for incoming freshmen. The only 2 losses for Air Academy’s football team have been Cheyenne Mountain and Coronado. Even with the 2 losses under Air Academy’s belt, sophomore Brad Weiker proposed his views.

“The team dynamic is great, the farther we go into the season the better the chemistry we have as a whole team. You can definitely count on Sam Beers to always have an upbeat attitude and when the team is down you can expect him to always pick you up. Even with our losses we still have the whole season to go and to definitely improve on our skills and to hopefully win a couple more games,” added Weiker. 

Other current sports at Air Academy include boys golf, boys soccer, and girls softball. On September 27, 2021, the boys’ golf team is attending an invitational for both JV and varsity! The Kadets are hoping for the great feedback and hope they return victorious! On that note, the girls’ softball team has been having a very successful season. The softball team stands at 9-5 currently and they are hoping to win the next 5 more games!

The boys’ soccer team for Air Academy is 1-6-1, which means they have won 1 game, lost 6, and have tied 1. The boys’ soccer team has been giving it a great effort and facing tough competition, but their season is not over yet and can change overnight!

Air Academy’s fall sports are not over yet! With more games, matches, and sets to go, Kadets hope to have a great turnout for all sports going on. From all the motivation on the field to the team bonding off the field. Air Academy is going strong and is not going to stop till they achieve victory!