My Thoughts on Friday Night Funkin

The homepage for the game. Licensed for Creative Commons.

The homepage for the game. Licensed for Creative Commons.
Friday Night Funkin or FNF was released in November 2020 and is a rhythm game similar to Dance Dance Revolution, Gitaroo Man, and many others. It took inspiration from Gitaroo Man, a similar rhythm game and from the Playstation console as referenced in easter eggs in the game.

Friday Night Funkin grew exceedingly popular around December and is still popular to this day and has launched a Kickstarter for the full game. The Kickstarter has raised almost 2 million in revenue. The Kickstarter has multiple stages within its money goals.

Now I have been playing this game for a long time and have decided to give some of its stages or “weeks” (as it’s called in the game) some reviews. Week 1 is about as easy it can get for the beginning of a new game, 6/10. Week 3 is harder and in my opinion very fun to play 8/10. The latest week, Week 7, is super fun to play with its visuals and cutscenes 9/10.

A lot of people think this game is overrated because of its increase in popularity or it being seen and talked about everywhere. I, for one, think the game has come a long way and will continue to gain popularity through its community and the creators launching a full game for it.

The community is really fascinating releasing mods all the time they have been working on. Some of my favorite mods are Neon, Melty, Tord, and X Event to name a few. These have caught my attention because of their visuals and their music. Some of them took a long time for me to clear them like Tord, Zardy, X Event, and many others due to their fast scroll speed and difficult arrow patterns whether it be staircases, jacks, or repeated double notes.

I cannot wait for the game to be fully released one day so I can play and master every song that I haven’t played yet. A lot of people will be super stoked about this game and I won’t be surprised if it sells out on release day.