Taking a Trip


My dad and I pose at the ruins in Machu Picchu.

Taking a trip is a good way to relieve stress and have fun, whether it is somewhere nearby or going to the other half of the world.  

I went on a trip to Peru last summer and it was amazing. Not only did I learn and have a fun experience, but I was rewarded by getting college credits by attending a sponsored trip. Sponsored trips are beneficial because you only pay once for the whole experience, except for souvenirs and extra food.

There are two sponsored trips happening for Air Academy students. Mr. Clark will lead his group to Japan, while Mrs. Motter will be leading a group in New Zealand. 

Labeled for reuse by Creative Commons. Tourists gather by a shopping strip in Austria.

Sometimes people take trips to get away and relax. For example, like when I went to Estes Park. My family and I stayed in a cabin in the woods. Staying in a cabin for four days in the woods is relaxing and stress-free. Making a reconnection with nature really lifted my spirits and allowed me to feel happier when I returned home.

 There can be health benefits for those that go on vacation. They are lower stress, less risk of heart disease, and better motivation.

Many have a dream trip they want to go on. Whether they want to visit Asia, South America, or Africa it’s fun to make future plans.  Senior Emma Franzen went and visited several places: “I went on a college visit to Baylor (Texas), to Mexico, and to Arizona.” 

In the future I want to visit a huge portion of Europe to look at the World War II museums and fields where many gave up their lives to fight for their country.

The end goal of a trip is to relax and have fun. Don’t stress over stuff while on vacation, take some time to experience where you are at, whether it is a Wonder of the World or the countryside of Europe. Enjoy these moments.