A Year In The Jetstream Journal


A screenshot of The Jetstream Journal on the Air Academy High School website that displays all of our most recent issues

It has been a crazy year for everyone around the world. Adjusting to Covid-19 has been a challenge that has been hard to overcome. Schools are just starting to go back full time nearly a year after the initial lockdown, but many things have yet returned to normal. 

The Jetstream Journal has had to make big changes throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Many reporters struggle to get interviews and photos because of the Covid-19 restrictions. From publishing two times a month, having to get a photo, and interviews, writing stories can be incredibly difficult at times.  Before the Covid-19 outbreak, almost all these things were done in person and now the student reporters have to adjust to doing everything remotely. 

“This year was a little challenging because I couldn’t talk to my classmates face to face which delayed the class dynamic a little,” said managing editor Lizzy Dalton.

While the struggle of Covid-19 has had its setbacks, it has not prevented The Jetstream Journal team to become friends with one another or limit the ability to reach out for help. Over the course of the publishing process, the reporters reach out and ask for help with interviews, photos, and overall writing tips. Due to the editors on the team, every story is able to be in its prime shape to be published.

“Instead of constantly pestering them about the issue, I provide suggestions instead. Overall, I try to be as supportive and open-minded as I can,” said sophomore editor Savannah Braden. 

The Jetstream Journal, however, also relies on its supervisor Mary Anderson who works tirelessly to make sure each student has the resources they need in order to be successful. At the start of every class, she asks if anyone needs help and is always ready with an answer or suggestion. One thing many reporters struggle with is finding interviews because many of the key players in a story don’t see the email, forget about the interview or turn it down in general. This can cause a major setback for a reporter and so what reporters do is ask their classmates for anyone they know that can or would like to be interviewed. By asking for help, reporters are able to get back on track by working as a team.

“Before Covid-19 it was much easier to work together because we were all in the same space. Now it’s a bit harder to find out if someone is having trouble if they don’t reach out,” said editor Alex Maline, a senior.

It has been a rough year for everyone and The Jetstream Journal is just one example of a class adapting to change and learning how to thrive under the new norms that come with Covid-19. Our team works hard to publish on time and make sure the stories are entertaining and give a unique perspective about certain topics. The hope is that through the upcoming years we will keep this stride and keep generating creative and innovative stories.