Upcoming and current Sophomores reflect on their first year of high school


Freshman Carter Booth poses along side his friends in Air Academy High School’s Cafeteria.

A little more than a year ago, COVID-19 shut everything down all over the world, Air Academy High School (AAHS) was amongst those included. This had a massive impact on students especially 9th graders, who were robbed of having a normal transition to high school. Now as Freshmen get ready to become Sophomores, they reflect on their first year. 

A freshman, who preferred to remain anonymous, shares his thoughts.

“I wish I could have a normal year because I still don’t know what normal high school looks like and the normal workloads that come with it,” stated Anonymous.

Carter Booth, another freshman, added, “It would’ve been great to have had a normal high school year because then I could socialize with people but sadly online school doesn’t allow that.”

As someone who was a freshman last year, I can somewhat relate to Booth and the other freshman. When AAHS switched to online I had only gone through half of a normal school year. Now I’m about to be a junior and it feels as if I spent most of my high school experience looking at a screen in my bedroom.

Personally, I don’t mind online school. I’m not a very sociable person and I can somewhat pick up on the material taught in my classes, however, I must admit that it does have its downsides such as not being able to talk to my teachers in person.

Even though I think online school is bearable, how do Freshmen feel about it?

“Personally, I do not like online school. I didn’t do very well but I wish I had done better,” responded Booth.

Anonymous explained, “Online school is a system that doesn’t work and the half-week system is just as bad, in all of my classes I cannot remember a single thing I learned and I have good grades”.

It’s agreeable that online school isn’t perfect but with in-person now being an option, have there been any memorable moments that have salvaged the year?

“Because of online school and how in-person school is set up, there aren’t many memorable moments but the first day of school and getting to see the high school for the first time was the most memorable,” said Anonymous. 

Booth stated, “Some memorable moments would be hanging out with my friends at lunchtime”.

As freshmen continue on through their journey at Air Academy, they will have fun and exciting memories with their fellow classmates. Although students spent the school year in their rooms and social distancing in classrooms, some such as Anonymous and Booth were still able to enjoy it a little. Also, it may not seem like it now but this whole year will become memorable after all the rest of the class of 2024’s high school experience will hopefully be normal.