The Ever Given Dilemma

Labeled for Reuse by Creative Commons. The Ever Given sailing in the seas.

Labeled for Reuse by Creative Commons. The Ever Given sailing in the seas.

The Ever Given is a cargo ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal on March 23rd, 2021. The reason behind the stuck ship is mainly due to bad weather and a sandstorm.  Many things have happened, including the closing of the canal for a short time.

The Ever Given has had made many issues besides clogging the canal for six days. The economy in both Egypt and the United States sunk when the cargo ship got stuck. Egypt lost 12-14 million dollars every day due to the closure of the canal. The estimated cost of the ship being stuck was $9.6 billion on the waterway every day until it was unstuck. Prices of things that were supposed to be in shops went up, raw materials were delayed causing many things to be behind on schedule or completely stopped.

The canal has since started to run normally and both the countries are recovering economically as well.

Science teacher Bryan Sudduth exclaimed, “The ship being stuck in the Suez Canal was unfortunate for a while,” Sudduth then stated. “it will have a negative impact regarding World trade, but only temporarily.”

The ship being stuck was definitely a surprise. Within hours of the ship getting stuck, news spread and memes popped up making fun of the situation. The memes lasted for a while until the ship was freed and everyone turned their attention back to more prevalent things.

As of  April 11th, The Ever Given is still being held in the canal waters due to an investigation led by Egyptian authorities. The Ever Given is not allowed to leave the canal unless the shipowners pay one billion dollars for the shutting down of the canal for a week.

It’s going to be a while before the ship is able to set sail once again. Positive and negative impacts were applied throughout this situation but as of right now they are waiting to be let go.