The New Change in Our Schedule


A man wears a mask in the classroom. Labeled for reuse by pixabay.

As the semester progresses Air academy takes a step forward in allowing students to attend classes in-person for 4 days out of the week, instead of the 2-day hybrid that has been in place since the beginning of the year.

On March 15, 2021, Air Academy High school will shift the school week to four-day in-person learning with no cohorts.

But what are students’ and teachers’ opinions about the change? Is it beneficial or detrimental to learning?

“I think attending school in person is more beneficial to students than attending sometimes online and sometimes in person. Students are often distracted at home, coming in person helps students focus better on the task at hand.”
Math teacher Tateum Bowers expressed.

From a student’s perspective on the difficulties of online and how going in person would ease that struggle  Junior Meredith Clabaugh shared, “I think it will be beneficial for the students who want to go in person because it is really good to get different social interactions throughout the day and I also think it will help some students learn better.”

Since online school begun teachers have found it fairly difficult to coax full participation from students due to factors distractions, tech issues, family issues, and more.

“When students are in the building, there are fewer distractions to take away from their learning. I think that will lead to an improvement in student performance and engagement.” English teacher Rachel Cullen commented.

With the new changes in the schedule, many teachers are excited for students to begin attending full time, acting as a step forward into returning school back to normal.  Although the permanency of this new schedule is still being decided, many members of the community are hoping for it to last through the end of the semester, barring certain hiccups like quarantines or rising statewide COVID cases.

But it is important for students to keep in mind that attending entirely in person is completely optional. If a student does not feel comfortable attending school during these times, they are welcome to continue online.  Students are also not required to attend all four days as they may continue the hybrid schedule that has been in place since early February.

Many students and parents may be worried about the safety of returning to a full in-person schedule. Sean Whitson assures that the school will remain clean as classrooms are cleaned frequently and Wednesdays are used to deep clean the entire school.

The debate over whether students should attend in person is between the student and their family. If a student is still unsure this is a good option for them, a conversation with a trusted parent, guardian, or family member could certainly be beneficial.

In the end, many are looking forward to continuing this way of learning throughout the end of the semester and they are excited for things to return back to a semi-normal life and look forward to being able to experience a more active classroom environment.