A Look Into Dutch Bros. Overall

“Dutch Bros.Coffee in Caldwell, Idaho,” Labeled for Creative Commons.

“A Dutch Bros. during a cloudy day in Newport,” Labeled for Creative Commons. 3

Imagine it’s midday; you’re doing your homework and minding your business. Suddenly a door opens, you think nothing of it until out of the corner of your eye you see your parents bringing in Dutch Bros. Hoping you have been brought a sweet treat, you become ecstatic!

This is how many people, including myself, feel when they get a drink from Dutch Bros.

When it comes to Dutch Bros. there is a drink for everyone. For instance, my favorite drink is the B-52, which is Irish Cream and a splash of Orange.

However, there are definitely enough options for some bad drinks on the menu. One drink I don’t like is the Shark Attack Rebel. I think it was the person who made it, but the excessive amount of lime in the drink I most definitely didn’t enjoy.

English teacher Elise Hatfield has a different favorite drink.

“My favorite is the Golden Eagle–I like caramel,” Hatfield stated. 

The menu covers a variety of drinks ranging from Lemonades to Freezes. My favorite category of drinks is the Rebels since their flavors can be more unique compared to the other drink categories.

English teacher Joan Cassano mentioned that she has a favorite category of drinks.

“Breves and Lattes are what I prefer. Their lemonades are also quite delicious,” Cassano stated.

When it comes to Dutch Bros., people have certain drinks they like and stick with them, marking them their “comfort zone” drinks. Many people like to expand their taste palettes and expand further out into the different categories of drinks.

“Freezes,” exclaimed Hatfield on the subject of drinks that are fun to try.

I for one, love expanding my knowledge of the drinks, and parents never know what I want from Dutch Bros. One day it could be a Rebel, another day it may be a Freeze, or it may even Lemonade.

The menu could be daunting and overwhelming to someone who hasn’t been to Dutch Bros. before. I like the menu because it can broaden one’s taste for the coffee shop considering that it has a whopping 12 categories of drinks with dozens of specific blends in each! 

Now, hopefully, this helps you decide on whether or not you pick something out of your comfort zone or try something new!