Gen Z Has a Complicated Relationship With Style


A woman goes about her day wearing a button up with dress pants and a black jacket. Labeled for Creative Commons.

The idea of fashion has changed drastically over the course of history. From cultural traditions to historical art pieces, there are many ways that the art of fashion is viewed. For generation Z, many trends and styles are popular and can date back all the way to the 1920s.

From indie to traditional goth, our generation wears many styles. Many of us take a lot of time and effort into picking a style that fits us well.

Junior Shay Anderson has her own opinion on fashion trends.

“Definitely shoe trends like Doc Martens, Converse, and Vans. I like this trend because it’s so versatile and really ties an outfit together,” exclaimed Anderson.

As Anderson points out, the concept of fashion can be as complicated as putting an entire outfit together or just finding a cute pair of shoes to wear.

Since the beginning of quarantine, a lot of teens have explored and discovered their own fashion sense. Partly because of the popular app TikTok. Teens have brought back styles from the past like ’90s grunge, pantsuits, and early 2000s alternative styles such as “emo” or “scene.”

Junior Mia Gonzalez added why she likes her style.

“Knee-high converse ’cause early 2000s “emo” vibe is superior,” Gonzales explained.

The alternative style has risen in popularity recently, bringing many of their subcultures back to life. Subcultures like “emo,” “grunge,” “goth,” and “scene” have become increasingly popular over the past few months.

Along with the old subcultures rising in popularity again, new ones are being created as we speak. One of the new trends is  an “e-kid,” which is also commonly known as an “e-girl” or “e-boy.”  E-kid clothing style is heavily based on stripes and dark-colored clothing with dark makeup consisting of red, pink and black.

Something that has come into style with the majority of Gen Z is layering.

Layering is when someone pairs a button-up shirt with a big sweater or even a long sleeve shirt underneath a graphic tee. Layering doesn’t stop at tops, either. In the alternative community, layering is very popular. Teens may layer a skirt with jeans or leggings underneath, as well as pairing leg and arm warmers over tights and long sleeve shirts.

What are the students at Air academy’s opinions on layering?

“I think layering is a good look, so a tank top underneath a cropped hoodie paired with straight leg embroidered jeans, a plain belt, and a couple of layered necklaces,” Anderson explained.

Fashion trends have evolved immensely over time and each generation adds its own touch. Gen Z has many ways of choosing which style fits them, and as the years go on, the more they will add to their historical trends.