Gen Z Is Changing the World


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Woman with mouth covered gesturing peace sign with both hands on road. Group of women protesting silently on road.

Our grandparents grew up in a world far away from the 21 century. They danced their way through music we would now consider classics. They wore dresses to school and enjoyed radio talk shows. They’re definitely not afraid to talk of the good ol’ days.

Our parents grew up in a time of budding technology,  with their cord phones and floppy disks. They dream of the ’80s and the fun times they had with their friends.

They’re proud of their history, and they should be.

However, are they proud of their future…or more importantly our future?

Generation Z. We are the kids born from 1997 to 2012.

We are the future.

Now, I can just imagine adults everywhere cringing at the thought of these young adults, teenagers, and children one day running the world. We are a generation raised by technology. A child learns their way around a tablet before they learn to read. We are a generation of Tik-Tok, Instagram, and online schooling. I can not explain to you how very little I would be able to accomplish in my school day without some piece of technology.

But, we are also so much more.

According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, Gen Z is on track to be the most educated generation:  “Among 18-to 20-year-olds who are no longer in high school, 59% are currently enrolled in college.”

This is 15% more than Gen X in 1986.

However, according to the members of Gen Z, education is not how we will be known.

Air Academy Junior Joy Kemp is proud of her peers and the acceptance, change, and beliefs we stand for.

“People aren’t so afraid to speak their opinion, and they are fighting for what they believe to be free. Eventually, even with political differences, people can come together and agree,” Kemp explained.

Gen Z is a very involved generation. We are more aware of current events due to the easy accessibility of technology. As a result, we are actively getting involved to make the change that we want to see. This means protesting for our earth, humanity and fellow peers.

A recent AAHS graduate explains his views on the change Gen Z is making.

“Yes, we have our downfalls but look how we fight for change. We have made history and we are history…We have taken the step that no other generation has taken with racism, politics, and every[other] field. We made it [so] kids our age can now stand and let their voice be heard,” Nahiem Colon-Sanders said.

And we are making this change not only in person but through our platform: Social media.

That change is not necessarily the same across the board, either. We each have different beliefs when it comes to religion, politics and other issues.

But everywhere around the world, you can see youth banding together to face some of the universal issues together.

For example, you can see what once used to be a primarily negative online world being turned around into one of love and acceptance.  Many posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok have hundreds of comments speaking of body positivity, encouraging words and acceptance. And although some negative comments sometimes take the majority, kind comments can always be found.

Yes, we are different than our grandparents and parents, and we are creating a much different world, but that’s not a bad thing.

Gen Z is not perfect but we are learning from our parents’, grandparents’, and our own mistakes.


Below is a slideshow of Gen Z doing amazing things, some they’re passionate about and some just for fun!

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