Are Mug Cakes The Next Best Thing?


Sophomore Deanna Ponce poses with a red velvet mug cake with powdered sugar on top.

Millions of people around the world love to bake. A key reason for this is the enjoyment that comes with consuming the delicious baked good. However, the time it takes to actually make these goods can be irritating. 

Cake seems to be a favored baked good. Even though it’s absolutely delicious, the time it takes to bake in the oven can be exhausting for those who are impatient. The solution? 

Mug cakes, of course! They’re the perfect alternative to long hours spent baking, and the best thing about them is that they’re easy and fast to make.

Many have yet to discover about this delicious treat, but for Senior Jade Kramer, her first attempt at a mug cake came from a coincidence.

“I was looking at easy donut recipes to make for my family when I saw three videos about mug cakes as the next recommended options. I watched all three and figured I would try them,” said Kramer.

Mug cakes come in numerous flavors, including red velvet which has been recreated by The Novice Chef. Their list contains about ten ingredients, significantly less than the traditional red velvet cake from Live Well Bake Often.

So, is this a concern for those who seek to try mug cakes?

Senior Cora Parnell, who loves to bake, gives her stance on this troubling matter.

“This isn’t concerning to me as you can make many things with 3 or 4 ingredients, and they are quite good. Also, the fact that they only take a few minutes to cook isn’t concerning either since it’s a smaller batter quantity, and there aren’t any ingredients that are obviously linked to food-borne illnesses,” explained Parnell.

Treats in the mug universe go beyond cake, however.

“I have made mug pancakes for breakfast three times and tried chocolate and vanilla mug cakes as well. The pancake is still my favorite of the three,” stated Kramer.

From cakes to pancakes, they seem to be worth the hype, but are they truly recommended by students at AAHS?

Kramer continues, “Yes, I would highly recommend the mug pancake to friends, especially if they are looking for a quick way to make breakfast. I am not the biggest fan of chocolate or vanilla cakes regularly, but I would recommend these to people like my sister who love cakes.”

Although Kramer has a positive outlook, Parnell thinks otherwise.

“I have tried to make mug cakes before, and I’ve found a few things to be off-putting: they tend to be very dry and chewy, and the flavors tend to be muddled by the quick-bake process. So, no, I would not make them often, but they are a quick and cheaper alternative to regular cakes,” said Parnell.

To sum up lessons learned from Kramer and Parnell: if Kadets are in a hurry, try the mug cake option; if Kadets want to focus on quality, traditional baking may be the way to go.