Air Academy Honors Vets on Veterans Day


Photo by science teacher Brad Boyle. The sun sets over the American flag at the entrance of the United States Air Force Academy.

The month of November in the USA is widely known for its Election Day and Thanksgiving. However, there is another holiday that is celebrated. Veterans day. 

 Today, many people in the United States celebrate beloved Veterans by having parties, parades, barbeques in their honor.

Celebrating and giving back to the veterans is one way to say “Thank you for your service”. Even the simple act of saying that phrase lets them know that they are appreciated.  

Labeled for reuse by Creative Commons. A silhouetted soldier salutes the American flag.

Veterans Day, also known as Armistice Day is when we celebrate those who served and retired whether they are living or dead. Veterans Day dates back to November 11th, 1919, which was the first anniversary of the end of World War 1. Other countries like France, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada also commemorate veterans of both World Wars. 

As for Air Academy, we celebrated with a virtual slideshow showing pictures of veterans and a thank you slide at the end.

Colonel Robert Huber, department chair of JROTC, had to make some changes to his original idea due to Covid.

Normally, I and our 300 cadets would have marched in the Colorado Springs Veterans Parade to celebrate,” Col. Huber said “Instead, this year our AFJROTC program did a fundraiser and we have donated $1000 to a local Colorado Springs Veterans organization.” 

Photo by Brad Boyle. JROTC members at Air Academy and DCC put up signs thanking Veterans by the north gate of the United States Air Force Academy.

Huber also led an effort to recognize veterans with AAHS and DCC students.

“We had a group of our cadets meeting to make signs for an event on the 11th at the North entrance to the Air Force Academy to thank the military personnel on their way into work at USAFA,” Huber explained. 

World Language teacher Linda Aragon thanked all the people involved with the signs.

I come in through the north gate and it blessed my heart to see those standing out there greeting everyone coming in,” said Aragon. It means so much to the Veterans.”

World Language teacher, Beth Carlson, also was heart warmed by the students and adults on Wednesday.

“It was special to see them thanking the service members driving onto the base,” Carlson said. Carlson then stated, “Thank you to those who have served.”

Veterans may be a holiday that isn’t as widely known as Thanksgiving, but it is a very important one. It allows the chance to appreciate the sacrifices people have made and remember the history of America’s military.

Thank you veterans for serving and protecting us.