Opinions on Pokemon and the DLC


Emerald Peakes’ Pokemon character interacts with a Togekiss, named Toby.

On October 22, 2020, Nintendo released a new Pokemon DLC for their new Pokemon game called Crown Tundra for Pokemon Sword/Shield. It’s been a big hit since it came out and is now a bigger hit with the new DLCs.

My character exploring the wild Pokemon.

What is Pokemon? For those of you that are unfamiliar, Pokemon is about a world where different creatures live. You can catch them in a thing called a Pokeball. Then you can use them to battle other Pokemon to get stronger or raise them with love and care to expand their friendship levels towards you and many more options.

Pokemon has been around since April 23, 1998, and is still around today.

Now, what are some opinions on the new DLC?

Pink DS lite on a wooden table.

In my opinion, the new options they put like adding a Pokecamp where you can interact and feed your Pokemon because it’s so adorable how they react when you feed them and play with them. The Isle of Armour and Crown Tundra DLC expands on the Pokemon adventures and keeps it interesting for players to see what new surprises and story developments there are. This keeps players intrigued. It’s really amazing to see all the new adventures and storylines that are different from old Pokemon games and it shows just how much Pokemon has progressed from April 23, 1998, to November 15, 2019.

As an example, the Pokemon Platinum Version was released on September 13, 2008. I remember playing it on my pink DS lite. I ended up playing it very often because of how in love I was with the game. The plot was amazing and the graphics were incredible for something released in 2008. To this day, Pokemon Platinum remains my top favorite Pokemon game by far.

Little brother, Patrick Peake, playing on his switch.

What else is great about the DLC?

“It’s cool and I like it when you throw Pokeballs to catch the Pokemon. You can level them [Pokemon] up by battling trainers, other Pokemon, or using rare candy,” said 5th grader Patrick Peake.

The 3 legendary birds.

Another way the Pokemon DLC is amazing is the three legendary bird Pokemon which have Galarian forms, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

Additionally, you can level up the legendary Pokemon when you get the DLC. In the Isle of Armor, you have to go to two dojos to level up your Legendary Pokemon, Kubfu, and when you get to the top, you see a scroll that evolves Kubfu! In Crown Tundra, that’s where you find the three legendary Pokemon if you find the giant special tree.

I like DLC because it is simply epic, you can go on amazing adventures and you can see strong Pokemon, which are quite possibly stronger than you.

In the first-ever Pokemon game, you have to battle Pokemon and get it weak to catch it. In the newer version, you can find ALL the legendary Pokemon.

“It’s good. That you get to train and catch Pokemon. I like the DLC, Crown Tundra, for the 3 legendary birds getting Glarian forms. What I dislike about it is that Pokemon can’t be stronger than level 100. What I like about it is that there are so many varieties of Pokemon. The textures are way better [than the old games]. Pokecamp is pretty helpful and is a new thing in this game rather than back in the old games, there was not. And Pokecamp helps boost friendship faster,” said Timberview 6th grader James Cook.

In conclusion, Pokemon has become popular throughout the years between both children and adults alike. If you go into your local GameStop, you will find so much Pokemon merch; From T-shirts to stuffed animals. Pokemon is one of the most popular Nintendo games aside from others. Pokemon is fun for all ages. I recommend that you could check it out sometime! Until next time, have a nice day!

The legendary tree.