Need A Movie To Watch On Halloween? Frankenweenie Might Be The One For You


A bowl of popcorn in front of a plant and couch.

The day of trick or treat is upon us, however, due to COVID-19, most families are likely to stay indoors.

Don’t freak out though, there is an alternative solution that will for sure save every person Halloween, Frankenweenie.

This 2012 film is loosely based on Frankenstein, a novel written by Mary Shelley in 1818. It tells the tale of a young scientist who creates an unusual creature by conducting a rather unorthodox experiment. Now, there have been many movies made surrounding Frankenstein, but none are even remotely similar to Frankenweenie.

In 1984, Frankenweenie was released as a live-action short by Tim Burton, who was brand new to the directing world at the time. It ultimately launched his career and he went on to make popular movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands. However, in recent years Burton has taken that short he made many years ago into a full-on movie.

The story is centered around a boy named Victor Frankenstein (voiced by Charlie Tahan) who attends elementary school with his rather interesting classmates. Victor seems to only have one friend throughout the film, his dog Sparky. They are an inseparable pair until one day — tragedy hits during Victor’s baseball game and it leaves him devastated. The protagonist ends up reviving his once-living pal but at what cost?

Overall, the plot is very relatable and anyone with a pet can definitely connect with Victor in a special way, even Kadets with no pets find this movie to be great.

When asked about the topic, Sophomore Langston Ball said, “My favorite Halloween movie is Frankenweenie because it’s unique and uneasy.”

Ball adds, “It’s very stylish because it’s in black and white. Also, the kid brings back his dog from the dead which makes it uneasy.”

The style of the movie is very unique and the Gothic look to the characters makes it very easy to tell who directed it since the movie practically screams Tim Burton. This isn’t the first time he’s used that type of art style. The Corpse Bride is a perfect example of another one of his works that uses it.

Frankenweenie takes the classic tale of Frankenstein and twists the plot in a way that truly adds on more meaning. This film is perfect to watch with family or friends. So on Halloween night, go ahead and grab some popcorn and enjoy it.