5 Innovative Productivity Tips for Academic Success

Labeled for Reuse from Creative Commons. A student concentrates and remains engaged while completing an online assignment.

Labeled for Reuse from Creative Commons. A student concentrates and remains engaged while completing an online assignment.

From surfing social media to chatting with friends to procrastination, the list of distractions amongst students is endless. In addition to distractions, a well-established workload along with a mixture of extracurriculars makes staying productive difficult. With the current state of the world and the new transition into virtual learning environments, students oftentimes feel a lack of productivity and organization. Yet, how can students remain productive during this unsettling time?

One of the first tips to take into consideration is planning. Planning is an essential process that is needed to remain organized, as well as informed for upcoming assignments. Utilizing a planner can be a tremendous tool for academic success, just as sophomore Lily Rottenborn has realized.

“I use a planner, which helps me keep track of what assignments have been completed and what assignments still need to be done. Using a planner also helps me pace my work so I can finish a project on time,” noted Rottenborn.

Along with planning, having established a designated routine and schedule can greatly reduce any unneeded tension regarding school work. Planning ahead and having a structured schedule enables students to become more engaged, as well as productive. Sophomore Chloe Riggs is a firm believer that planning and following a fixed routine contributes to her academic performance.

“I’ve taken a break from school, grabbed a snack, and then I start my work.  I’ve found that having a routine really helps me stay focused and work more efficiently,” stated Riggs.

From planning and establishing a specific routine, students are able to stay diligent with their school work. Yet, besides implementing these practices, other methods are utilized amongst students to remain productive. As technology progresses, many students are reverting to note-taking electronically. While this technique may be more convenient and less time consuming, a vast majority of students prefer to handwrite their notes like sophomore Lola Feilke.

“I really like to handwrite my notes because I find that it helps me to remember the material and keep me motivated while I am learning,” exclaimed Feilke.

From handwritten notes to planning, numerous techniques are utilized by students to remain on task. Yet, how do students profit from their hard work? Well, various students like to create a reward system that encourages them to stay motivated and driven. By creating reward systems, students enable themselves to have a sense of accomplishment once their assignments have been completed. A student who incorporates this method into his academic life is sophomore Kaden Cannon.

“One thing I really like to do is setting small, short-term goals for myself and doing my work in an organized matter. I like to reward myself in different ways when I complete my schoolwork,” noted Cannon.

While reward systems are important in certain students’ academic success, another basic principle for productivity is avoiding staying unfocused. Even though many students have heard the significance of staying focused countless times, it is especially important in a virtual classroom setting. Despite the fact that students have a difficult time staying concentrated, teachers also have a tough task with students not remaining engaged. Among teachers, Spanish and English teacher Beth Carlson strongly promotes her students’ engagement and success while virtually teaching.

“The more you can focus in class, ask questions, and get things done, the less you will have to do outside of class, especially as more and more teachers try to limit the “homework” portion of assignments, so it’s worth it to stay focused during class,” stated Carlson.

Whether students decide to plan diligently, handwrite their notes, or even reward themselves for small victories, any practice can influence students’ academic performance. Especially in this strange school environment, any implementation can help students overall productivity and concentration. It is incredibly important that students give their best effort during this unsettling time since if they choose to work hard, their hard work will eventually pay off in the future.