Does Air Academy Have Good Taste?


Junior, Ryland Archuleta’s favorite food steak ready to be taste tested.

Everyone has food they enjoy. From sweets to salty snacks people’s favorite food ranges all across the food scale, but how much do I enjoy what other people deem their “favorite food”?

 I asked three Kadets about their favorite foods and put them to the test. Using a rating system designed to analyze the food inside and out I will determine whether or not their food passed the test (at least according to me). 

The rating system is based on several factors such as taste, cost, preparation, and overall enjoyment.

Now, without further ado, let’s meet the foods.

Up first, we have steak. This food is Rylan Archuleta’s favorite dish.

“It makes me feel strong, just slicing and ripping off meat from a bone.”  Said Archuleta. 

This steak was very fun to make, with fairly easy steak seasoning and a grill it came out really well. After throwing some mashed potatoes and greens on the side the steak was put to the test. 

And it passed.

The steak tasted really good, some parts were too fatty and took away a lot of the flavor, but the parts were easily avoidable. The steak cost about six dollars a pound and was super easy to prepare, it’s a pretty good meal in a pinch.

Overall I would give it an 8/10 because I enjoyed it a lot and definitely think it’s worth making.

Next up is Iris Miller’s favorite dish, cookie dough.

“Cookie dough is nice, plus you don’t have to cook it, it’s just there and it’s sweet which is a major plus. Not to mention it tastes very good,” explains Miller

Peanut butter cookie dough preparing for the taste test.

I chose to make peanut butter cookie dough and in the process of mixing it made way too much of it.

But, portions aside, it was fun to make and very tasty!

The recipe I used tasted decent, but was pretty dry and had an odd texture to it. I think if I used a more traditional recipe it would have been better.

The dough took a lot of ingredients, but all I had to do to make it was throw it into a stand mixer and let it run. 

I gave this is a 4/10 because although it’s easy to make, honestly I couldn’t see myself enjoying any more than a spoonful of it and I would rather have cookies.

The final contender is fried rice. Eliana Rosell’s favorite food. 

“There isn’t one particular thing I like about it, it just tastes good and is kinda my comfort food,” Rosell adds.  

I made this with rice, some mixed vegetables, and chicken then cooked it all in a wok with some oil.

To be honest, I found it somewhat bland, but it definitely wasn’t bad. I think this would fit best as a side and is not really meant to be eaten as a main dish. 

It was very easy and cheap to make, taking no more than 10 minutes with simple preparation. Overall I enjoyed it but it wasn’t anything great so I’d say 6/10

After trying out Kadet’s favorite foods I’ve got to say that I think steak is my favorite since it was pretty simple in preparation and cost to every other food but just tasted a lot better in my opinion.

Air Academy has pretty good taste in food, but do your favorite snacks stand a chance against the rating scale? Lets us know your favorites and we’ll see!