Halloween Candies Continue to be Debated

Halloween candy with decorative plastic spiders

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Got your answer? Was it Twix? Perhaps Hershey’s, Reese’s, or even Snickers? Chances are you’ll be met with a spirited debate over which candy you choose. With Halloween coming up, bringing with it an abundance of sugar, plenty of creative costumes, and a never-ending sea of pumpkins, preferential candies among the Air Academy community will invariably differentiate. 


An Air Academy counselor always enjoys Halloween and spending time with his kids.

 “Going through my kids Halloween candy and “inspecting” for anything that could be deemed unsafe (A.K.A delicious) is [my favorite],” Brotherton remarks.

Brotherton continues to add that his favorite Halloween candy is Snickers, Reeses Pieces, and Peanut M&Ms. 

“Peanuts/Peanut Butter and Chocolate.  It just goes together. You know, an all American combo,” Brotherton adds.

Brotherton then explains about the candy he really dislikes, “ Whoever gives out these, needs to have their house toilet papered. ” 

The worst Halloween candy that Brotherton showed me.

Brotherton refers to an image to the left that includes Candy Corn and Tootsie Rolls on a list of worst Halloween candies.

Brotherton also adds on what would be a delight to get, “Full-size candy bars are King, pun intended!”

When asked about her favorite aspect of Halloween, junior Joy Kemp responded, “[I like] the costumes. ”

Joy continues to add on about her favorite candy and why,  “[My favorite is] Almond Joys or Mounds.”

She then adds on what candy she dislikes. “[I don’t like] normal M&M’s because they’re just too sweet for me. ”

She then adds on what she would like to get from trick or treating. “[I tend to] like the chocolates.”

And there you have it. Different perspectives show that there is different popularity to Halloween candy. No clear determination exists on the best Halloween candy, but it is valuable nonetheless to understand the perspectives of Air Academy students and staff.