Top Ten Books For Kadets To Get Into This Fall


Sophomore Deanna Ponce’s favorite books stacked on each other in front of a window with a miniature cactus on the side.

Fall has just recently begun and it’s the perfect time to whip out a book. Although many students only read books that are assigned for class, it is great to read outside of school from time to time.

So, what are ten interesting books that are recommended by teachers?

Christie Brady’s, an English teacher at AAHS, favorite fiction book that has a lot of symbolism that relates to the modern world.

“The Giver. When we live in a world that is always trying to find ‘perfection’ this book stands in stark contrast. It brings up really powerful questions happiness, joy, and pain. It shows the importance of difference.[Another is] The Hate List, it’s about a school shooting. I read this book last year and cried through most of it. This is a must-read for teens. This book shows how impactful fiction is [by] bringing readers into a situation they may not otherwise understand.” said Mrs. Brady.

She continues “The Elegant Universe, this book will blow your mind. I love science but am terrible at math. Therefore, this book is perfect for me because it explains the science without requiring me to understand the numbers. This book made me look at the world with new eyes and has forever changed me.”.

Rachel Cullen, a fellow English teacher of Mrs. Brady, gives her own thoughts on the topic.

“Between the World and Me is contemporary nonfiction and is focused on racial issues in society. It is thought-provoking. I think it’s important that we read literature that exposes us to new perspectives and helps us grow into better humans.”.

“The count of Monte Cristo is classic literature, so the vocabulary and quality of writing are excellent. It is long, but it’s the ultimate tale of revenge. It is immensely readable even though it is older. I am currently reading Just Mercy, and I would recommend it to any student who is interested in seeing a different perspective of death row.” Ms. Cullen adds.

So far the books that have been suggested seem to be great, however, English teacher Elise Hatfield has some choices of her own.

“Beartown by Fredrik Backman [and] Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. [Beartown] is a story about rape in a small town, the author switches narrators and gives various details about the story through a variety of narrators. [Homegoing] is POWERFUL! I recommend it to everyone and anyone, and I often buy it as a present for friends. Wow! I love the variety in narrators and how the stories all connect. It’s a must-read.” 

“Salt by Nayyirah Waheed is a bit of a mystery. No one has any definitive information on her and I LOVE this! This is a great read for people who might not be interested in poetry. [Also] Name of the Wind by Pattrick Rothfus is a FABULOUS book that’s in the fantasy genre. It’s a story that easily takes you out of this world and into a whole new one.”.

Surprisingly, there are amazing benefits when it comes to taking time out of the day to sit down and read.

According to Healthline, there are benefits to reading which are that it can strengthen the brain because it requires the use of circuits and signals that become stronger and more sophisticated over time. It also increases the ability to empathize since reading creates the ability called the theory of mind which basically means to build, navigate, and maintain social relationships. Some other benefits are that it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure plus heart rate, and prevents cognitive decline.

Even though there are very good reasons to read, is it actually important for students to be reading after school or during the weekends?

“Even though I have a very busy life, I still make time to read for a few minutes every day. There is definitely power in reading. I don’t care what students read, but they should definitely read SOMETHING!” Ms.Cullen suggested.

Overall, the ten books listed sound like great novels to get lost in. So go ahead and go to the nearest bookstore and grab any one of those captivating books.