Air Academy Clubs Pivot during Pandemic


(Photo reuse from 2016) Students in French Club build an Eiffel Tower out of marshmallows and toothpicks as an in-person activity.

Covid-19 has changed many plans for the school year, including challenges for public events and group activities, including Air Academy clubs. With the restrictions of COVID-19, clubs are going to be quite different this year, and many Kadets question how they will work.

“All clubs are required to meet virtually while we are under COVID restrictions, so they will meet in teams,” Science teacher at AAHS, Cris Robson explained.

Clubs have scheduled virtual meeting times. For example, Keep Colorado Green will meet Tuesdays at lunch for both 1st and 2nd lunches, and Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) will meet on Thursday at both lunches as well.

However, some clubs like the Tea club will be put on hold until club meetings can be held in person. This is because the club is centered around eating and drinking.

Although some hands-on clubs might not happen this year, there are plans for Future Business Leaders of America also known as FBLA.

“FBLA is continuing in a virtual setting. Last year, we had to quickly change our State and National competitions to virtual and they went off without a hitch! We are looking forward to continuing our amazing club,” Junior Aly Johnson explains.

Most clubs that travel to competitions or debates will continue as well, but just a bit different from how they would normally go. Changes in activities may be difficult, but Johnson is planning on making them her number one priority.

Some clubs have plans for activities that won’t be affected by the pandemic as much. For example, the club No Place for Hate.

“Our strategy this year is to focus on discussions around current social issues and participate in events that don’t require in-person attendance, like a discussion board on Ted Talk or creating a pamphlet for effective study strategies at home,” Shay Anderson explained.

Anderson also explained that because of the online nature of this year, it has been more difficult to get people involved. This means that they understand that it is very difficult to motivate yourself right now and are going to focus on individual well-being in the club.

Students can find out club plans by messaging the team leaders or the sponsor. If students don’t know who the team leaders or the sponsor are, they can look at the official Air Academy website under the virtual club fair. Check out this PowerPoint which lists all the clubs with the sponsors’ names and emails as well as some brief information about the club.