Presidential Debate: Childish or Mature?


Labeled for Reuse. President Trump is pictured by Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden.

Sitting United States President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden squared off in the first presidential debate of the 2020 election on September 29.

The debate was regarded with immediate scorn by outside parties. Both sides of the debate were seen as immature and childish, repeatedly insulting the other candidate and almost completely ignoring the politics involved in the 2020 election. Moderator Chris Wallace futilely attempted to calm down the two candidates.

Many people like junior Kaylee Stone had much to say about the debate.

Quite honestly, I think the presidential debate was childish and did no good justice to anyone. Any American that watched the debate would most likely agree with me. I believe it was just two old men fighting and bickering like children fighting over crayons,” Stone adds. 

Stone continues, “I think Donald Trump interrupted Joe Biden way too often. Let the poor man speak. We are trying to see both sides to determine our decisions. I also think Joe Biden strayed from topics continuously, and not to dog on him because I know he actually has a speaking disability, but it was hard to understand what he was trying to get across sometimes. However, all in all, I think the debate was a complete and utter mess.”

I am still going for Trump even though they should have had a more mature debate instead of making a donkey of themselves and being annoying to each other.

Other Air Academy students like senior Kevin Lake support Biden, “If I had to pick between the two I would vote Biden.”

While some are undecided who to vote for, such as Social Studies teacher Richard Thiele.

Thiele stated, “I am still undecided on who to vote for at the end of the debate. I am considering a third-party candidate.”

Now, acting out of line would be considered by many to be an understatement when describing the debate, as it was broadcasted to everyone in the United States and many people watched it that night.

As for my opinion, I believe serious changes must be made for all future debates.

Stone adds, “I think both were acting very out of turn. I think the interruptions and personal attacks were out of hand. This is a debate. This is not a roast or bashing session. Let’s talk about politics, not personalities.”

Stone continues, “I just think personal attacks and snarky comments are going to get us nowhere. Let’s talk about social, economic, and government reforms. Please.”

Many agree with her like Thiele, stating, “I think both of the presidential candidates did their fair share of interrupting each other.” 

Thiele continues, “For the next debate, it would be nice to see policy discussed without interruptions from either side. Hopefully, the next debate takes some more rules into account.”

Lake concluded, “ Yes, the unannounced interruptions and the unprofessional language used in the debate [were uncalled for.]”

All in all this debate got heated with many considering not voting, voting for third parties, or voting for the other candidate, but the question is, are you going to watch the town hall between the two of them?