The Past And Future Careers of Air Academy Seniors


Side by side picture of Emily Nelson. On the left she is 6 years old and on the right she is posing for her senior picture.

Seniors walk through the blue and white halls of Air Academy High School, smelling the fries cooking in the cafeteria, seeing their friends and teachers for the last time in their final year of high school. They have spent their whole school career preparing for this moment. Each senior is faced with big decisions: Where to go next and what to do with their lives.

Some seniors have already decided what career they want to go into. Sometimes this happens in the junior year of high school and sometimes it takes a little bit more time. However, there may be a handful of seniors who have been dreaming about the same career since they were just a kid.

Kids usually seem to have completely different views on careers. Some may want to be a millionaire, princess, or maybe a crime-fighting superhero.

According to an article by The Cut titled “Just 6 Percent of Us Have the Job, We Wanted As Kids” many adults did not end up pursuing the career they had aspired to go into as a child.

Senior Mason Shandy said, “As a kid, I wanted to be in business management or an entrepreneur. The career I would like to go into after college would be involving hedge funds or analytics.”

Shandy hopefully plans on attending the Colorado School of Mines and majoring in economics.

By the age of 18, the average person has an idea of what they want to do. In the past 17 years, a lot of events contributed to their final decision.

Capri Dewing, a senior, explained how her dream career has changed as she got older. Dewing’s dream career involved interior or wedding designing. She plans on continuing her soccer career and academics at UCCS, majoring in business.

“My career changed a little bit for sure. I think that it’s changed because when I was younger it was more like, this would be fine and I want to have a cute look and plan fun things, but that idea just changed to a more realistic idea,” Dewing added.

Sometimes the career choices of someone changes drastically as they become older, growing up means that ideas and ambitions grow along with a person. Four long years come full circle, ending a chapter for teenagers and starting a brand new one for young adults. Whether they are following childhood dreams or making new ones’ success is imminent. Unfortunately, dreams of childhood are sometimes unrealistic. Although wouldn’t it be cool to a crime-fighting superhero?